The Secret Agent's Blunder

The Secret Agent's Blunder


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on book,  

A first Movie about the life of Mikhail Tulyev, the son of a Russian count living in Europe and spying for CIA... Or may be for somebody else?.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Secret Agent's Blunder torrent reviews

Dhruv A (de) wrote: i think dis mvie is amazing!!!! u wont get bore while watching it.and d mst attractive part of d mvie(accr. to me) is d music which is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD nd both d actors ie. ali nd aditi INCLUDING STORY (its fantastic.)anyway, its a goooooooooooood mvie nd MUST WATCH!!!! I HOPE U ALLL WILL LYKE IT:-)

Sumanth K (fr) wrote: Best "commercial" mass entertainer of 2011

Martin W (kr) wrote: Plays like a well written novel, filmed in a retro style that works well, excellent acting.

Miguel A (br) wrote: Geoff Murphy no ser propriamente o mais reconhecido dos realizadores, pelo que fez no cinema de aco (algum se recorda de "Fora em Alerta 2"? "Freejack" tem algum valor alm do kitsch?), mas nem por isso merece que o seu segundo filme - a produo neozelandesa "Utu" - permanea num canto obscuro dos anos oitenta. E isto tambm porque "Utu" tem consigo aquele toque do divino que no chega certamente a muitos filmes (h, se quisermos, uma sensao semelhante em "Aguirre", de Werner Herzog). at natural que este tipo de fora proteja um filme que inverte por completo o cdigo de dominncia ocidental e coloca um aborgene (Te Wheke) no lugar de um semi-Deus totalmente destemido perante o muito superior exrcito britnico. Mesmo sem ser muito articulado na histria de vingana que tem para contar, "Utu" est repleto de presenas com a faca entre os dentes e contm uma srie de tiroteios ao nvel de Peckinpah.

Zac A (gb) wrote: Amazing film, though it may be too slow for most it really does make one reflect on their own life.

Katie M (nl) wrote: Affectionate parody of one of my favorite genres.

Patrick B (fr) wrote: As a thriller, it isn't that great. But as a sheer character study and an acting showcase, "The Deep End" is good stuff. Swinton gives a gripping performance as a mother trying to do what she can to keep her family together. This would include hiding the dead body of a man she suspects was killed by her eldest son. This is where a lot of the suspense lies. McGehee and Siegel don't do a whole lot with it in terms of plot twists, but it does set up for a nice relationship between Swinton and Visnijic. Their interaction keeps the movie interesting even if the plot slowly loses its edge. "The Deep End" works thanks to its compelling characters. It just would have been nice if the storyline was better developed.

Kendall I (gb) wrote: This cute romantic comedy actually wasn't that bad. The chemistry between the two leads pretty much kept the movie going and made it worth watching, as well as a few small, good laughs. PLOT:Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon) has been obsessed with baseball his whole life, specifically the Boston Red Sox. He's been to every game since his uncle took him to his first when he was a child. However, Ben's attention starts to be swayed by a new love interest, Lindsey (Drew Barrymore). Ben met Lindsey on a school field trip with some of the kids he teaches and has been in love since. The couple seems to only rise higher until Lindsey finds out just how obsessed Ben is with the Red Sox. He wouldn't miss a game for anything. This obsession with the game worries Lindsey and threatens their relationship. It's a good plot executed very well. ACTING:The acting in this movie is really good. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon play a very romantic and realistic couple as the sensitive Lindsey and the obsessed Ben. The chemistry these two had in this movie is what kept it going. Without these two, it wouldn't be worth much. Though most of the other performances were fairly forgettable, the other shiners would be Jack Kehler as Al, Lenny Clarke as Uncle Carl, and Ione Skye as Molly. SCORE:The score is mainly made up of randomly recorded songs, some good classics, and some background score. It was pretty good. OTHER CONTENT:This movie was just a fun, cute little romantic comedy. I enjoyed the story and chemistry between the two leads. It was just very entertaining overall. I don't think it was anything spectacular or outstanding, but it was still good enough to be considered worth a watch. OVERALL, a good romantic comedy with a good plot, really good acting, pretty good score, great chemistry between the leads, an interesting story, and just cute entertainment.

Andy F (gb) wrote: man this movie was the best mickey rourke is the shit its a ture guys movie