The Secret Heart

The Secret Heart

A recent widow tries to help her emotionally disturbed stepdaughter.

Brillant pianist Larry Addams allows his frustrated ambitions to ruin his life and commits suicide, leaving his wife, Lee, and two small children, Penny and Chase, under the stigma of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bjarte H (nl) wrote: I can sum it up in one word: Bad.

Bill B (nl) wrote: Daniel Radcliffe gives a great performance as a young man afflicted with devil horns and trying to solve the murder and rape of his girlfriend, soon learning that the horns give him power over those around him and force them to tell the truth or give in to their desires.This was a fun little flick, and I naturally loved little Juno Temple as his love interest, because she can do no wrong.Recommended.

Nate A (au) wrote: With a bit of polish and some rewriting, this could have been a pretty decent detective story. However, they decided to muck it up with all this supernatural idiocy that just apes other Asian horror films and brings absolutely nothing to the story.

Trisha R (nl) wrote: As a Canadian, born of Jamaican heritage, who hasn't really seen much outside of my metropolis far north of the Caribbean, Life & Debt was a real eye-opener. It's sad, really, how the people of such a beautiful land and rich culture (a culture that has, in fact, had such a hugely popular influence on the very people who assist in stopping it from thriving) are made to suffer due to the insatiable greed of some countries with stronger economies. It was a great, fact-based documentary.

Wade H (nl) wrote: A generic hitman film we've all seen before, with the cliche "last job". Cage dwells without his charm and the movie just lags. But some action scenes are watchable.

Felix J (ag) wrote: How James Bond's son tells James Bond's "Father's" life

James S (ag) wrote: I just don't get Gere's appeal. A more gifted actor or someone with edge could've made this movie a classic but he just ruins it for me. With in 5 minutes I could see that he was miscast and I'm not involved in Hollywood casting.

Joseph H (br) wrote: To Kill a Mockingbird is a very moving film that sheds light on the problems African Americans faced all over U.S history. Great performances by the leading actors/actresses and the close to book adaptation makes this movie a one of a kind experience that will make you cry time and time again!

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Raymond C (es) wrote: I liked this movie that takes you forever to rralize you are in New Orleans! The trick ending was great and Walken as A Street Psycho gave a glimpse of schizophrenia that is difficult to portray!

Andr D (ag) wrote: Gregg Araki, el director independiente y homosexual militante, que en los aos 90 nos present su triloga sobre adolescentes "Totally Fucked Up", "The Doom Generation" y "Nowhere", unas pelculas fuertes llenas de violencia y sexo explcito, nos trae ahora la ensoadora adaptacin de la novela de Laura Kasischke "White Bird In A Blizzard", una pelcula que funciona tanto como una obra de suspenso como un estudio sobre el despertar sexual de una adolescente a finales de los aos 80. Gracias a una fotografa evocadora y a una banda sonora celestial a cargo de Harold Budd y Robin Guthrie (miembros del legendario sello disquero 4AD) y de bandas Goth y Post Punk como Echo & The Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division y Depeche Mode, la atmsfera de la cinta adquiere una gran belleza que apoya a la magnfica actuacin de Shailene Woodley ("Divergent") una adolescente cuya madre desaparece misteriosamente sin dejar rastro. Puede que esta pelcula no tenga la visceralidad cruda de los primeros trabajos de Araki, pero definitivamente es una de sus mejores pelculas: pequea, delicada y conmovedora.

Kanwal S (jp) wrote: I had no idea what the heck was going on (maybe because I was pretty tired when I watched it).