The Secret Invasion

The Secret Invasion

During World War II, convicts are recruited by the Allies for an extremely hazardous mission.

When the Allies need expendable soldiers for a highly dangerous mission, springing the general from prison and carrying out his plans, they offer pardons to a group of criminals in exchange for their participation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark (es) wrote: By far my favorite because of the nostalgia it brings.

daniel m (ca) wrote: some sketch comedy like "flirty harry" that is just NOT funny

Leo L (ca) wrote: Depicted from the Lisa See book, this film beautifully reflects the lives and sacred bond between two best friends who are closer than sisters. Wayne Wang remarkably captures the significance in storytelling through this film in the portrayals of Snow Flower and Lily in comparison with Sophia and Nina. Gianna Jun and Bingbing Li both are phenomenally stunning in their representation of dual characters. Always great to see the beautiful Vivian Wu in films, her character portrayal reflects her immense talent in the craft.Definitely worthy!Definitely hope to see more Lisa See books made into films.

anthony l (ag) wrote: This movie was original but EXTREMELY predictable. I am still trying to figure out why this film has over a 60% fresh rating. Is it the hot chick, the cool looking monster? I love horror flicks and I feel like this one is being forced fed to newcomers by social force. This is a movie you can watch on your free time, not one to pay and see or better yet show to friends to prove you have good movie taste. For real. OK

Ethan T (fr) wrote: It's rare to find a film these days that justifies an intermission, but this four and a half hour Portuguese historical epic certainly does. It tells a myriad of intertwined stories of 19th century Portuguese life amongst the nobility, with detours in place and time to Venice and revolutionary France. Sticklers might find the emphasis on patient story-telling and gradual reveals frustrating, but personally I relished the chance for the various characters' stories to stretch out and breathe; indeed it became something of a running joke for characters to utter lines like "let me tell you my story right from the beginning". Replete with multiple identities, honour-staked duels, unknown legacies, wronged noblewomen, vengeful suitors, quixotic adventurers and dozens of cast members, Mysteries of Lisbon sprawls most enjoyably on the big screen, and rewards viewers who appreciate cinema on the grand scale. My only complaint pertained to the slightly melodramatic score, which occasionally swelled to intrusive proportions.

Pablo D (au) wrote: Film che si vorrebbe rifare ai film noir di un'ormai passata epoca che fece del noir un cavallo da battaglia di tutto rispetto. Qui, invece, non si ha per niente rispetto, andando a insozzare il genere con un film che non si regge minimamente in piedi, forzato il pi delle volte nello svolgimento della trama, con una regia che rasenta l'inettitudine e con dei ritmi snervanti che fanno sembrare infiniti i 110 minuti di tale oscenit facendo notare la sin troppa presenza di "riempitivi". Credevo che Brian De Palma fosse una garanzia ma mi sbagliavo e di molto.

Matt H (jp) wrote: Sad to see De Palma stoop his low, you'd think he'd know better. Sloppy director, even worse writing, and bad casting (i.e. Josh Hartnett in anything other than Days of Our Lives). Actually I've "figured" Hartnett out - he's a more handsome Brandon Frasier with half of the natural charisma and unfortunately the same level of talent. Also, Hilary Swank as the femme fatale?? I mean she's pretty but we're also supposed to believe when Hartnett picks her over Scarlett Johansson. I think Fiona Shaw is in her own movie, but Aaron Eckhart at least does a serviceable job.

Curt M (gb) wrote: I don't know that film is the best vehicle for getting one's head around the nuance of any religion, especially in 90 minutes. I suppose I need to do some reading. That caveat noted, this documentary film provides interviews which methodically debunk the politically correct view that Islam is a peace loving religion. In doing so, it doesn't offer up hearsay and wild-eyed speculation. It quotes very specifically from Islam's holy books. The quotes come from a variety of interviews, all of whom validate what the others have said. Hearing the theology presented dispassionately presents a far different impression than politically correct politicians would have us believe.

Ankit C (us) wrote: this is the best bollywood movie made in its was more realistic than sarfarosh...its sad how movies like this go unnoticed and are never talked about...

Trista J (mx) wrote: I don't even know why I love this. It's goofy and fun and just plain cute.

Gautam S (fr) wrote: The ending was really predictable, disappointing and left a bad taste in the mouth and a notion that I've wasted my time

sam m (au) wrote: amir khan as acp rathore

Brian C (us) wrote: dumb shit, looks like blacks on drugs, like iv not seen that before

Alec N (ca) wrote: Best Scene: Vanilla ramps over a fence on his motorcycle and almost paralyzes a random girl he thinks is cute.

Irvin C (au) wrote: I've never heard of this Ken Russell before it was recommended to me. It's a fictionalized account of Mary Shelley, her husband and her sister's visit with Lord Byron and Dr. Polidori and the night they summoned....something which preyed on their fears and nighmares. Four out of the five principal actors (including Gabriel Byrne and Timothy Spall) give really big, scenery chewing performances with only Natasha Richardson (playing Mary Shelley) playing a somewhat believable human character (she seems to be acting in another movie). On top of that, there are quite a bit of freaky, spooky, startling imagery but unfortunately nothing really gels together. It seems to want to be a lot of things (campy horror, black comedy, etc.) but ends up being kind of half-baked. There are some cool, interesting things in there but it's only just okay for me.

Robert K (ag) wrote: Richard Attenborough's best effort. Good ANZAC Day viewing.

Scott R (au) wrote: Bursting at the seams with energy, enthusiasm, and wit, Baby is everything a screwball should be, pure unadulterated fun and bliss.

Art S (us) wrote: The word "inexorable" comes to mind when watching Charley Varrick, as in "the plot moves inexorably to its conclusion." Somehow director Don Siegel (and screenwriters Howard Rodman and Dean Riesner, working from John Reese's novel) has managed to enable Walter Matthau's small time hood to set in motion a number of different processes that ultimately allow him to outsmart both the police and the mafia. You see, he's accidentally stolen money that belongs to the mob when robbing a small local New Mexico bank and can't exactly give it back with Joe Don Baker's hit man on his trail. Of course, Siegel's directorial style isn't pretty (it's mired in the 1970s) but he gets the job done and keeps things moving, well, inexorably toward the finale that you knew was coming. A bit rough but worth a look.

Gordon B (de) wrote: I couldn't decipher Cypher's plot if my life depended on it, but this film is so laid back and confident in telling its contrived story that it won me over. It makes sense in the way it makes no sense

Noah M (mx) wrote: Non-jokingly my favorite movie of all time. I have watched it more than 20 times guaranteed. The heart of Doug makes me feel warm inside. His best friend making the jokes of every high schooler ever, and LaFlame finding his spot in the universe again. Truly love this movie. A lot.