The Secret of Bacchus

The Secret of Bacchus

Victor, an incisive journalist, discovers a series of irregularities in a State farming enterprise. His investigations will unmask the fraud committed by the person in charge of the wine section, called Bachus. Although aided by an impressive number of cronies, Bachus will not be able to hide forever infamous secret.

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Pathmanathan D (es) wrote: Good thriller that keeps the interest. However since its a remake of the Hindi movie Kahaani, it's just an average effort. Worth a watch to watch it in Tamil. - 3.5/5Rating - 3.5/5

Adrian F (mx) wrote: necessary evil is a terrible low budget horror film that is not scary nor thrilling. i wanted to see some more blood and violence but unfortunately there was none. its a poorly directed film that tries way to hard to be scary and good and in the end its pointless and not scary. the acting is bad, the plot is bad, the directing is bad, everything about this film is bad, including its title.

(us) wrote: This movie was boring, its nothing i would recommend

Elysia B (jp) wrote: Absolutely hillarious!

R A (ru) wrote: Yes, slow....but so too is much of life. Perfect ending.

Emily F (de) wrote: Fabulous movie. It has funny one liners and characters who make you laugh. It's been one of my family favorites for years.

Justin D (au) wrote: The one about the poor families and the dad who cuts down a tree to make shoes for his son.

Gillian M (au) wrote: This Bond film didn't really hold my attention. I liked Aki, so I was disappointed when she got poisoned (clever way of doing it though). Bond looked rediculous when he was supposedly turned Japanese, he didn't look Asian at all, the only thing that was different was a very unflattering bowl cut. This film was missing a lot of the humour that I enjoyed in the others. I did enjoy seeing Donald Pleasance and his cute kitty cat. That was probably the highlight of the film for me. Other than that I was quite bored.

Lori B (ca) wrote: Pacino is great, and I guess I appreciate that this movie is more realistic and less "Lifetime Movie." But I guess I wanted something witty and sweet, and what I got was pretty dark.

Alec B (it) wrote: It can be hard to remember that at one time Walt Disney's aims for animation were equal parts commercial and artistic success . . . if "Fantasia" (for awhile at least) failed at the first it mostly succeeds at the second. The expository scenes between each animation piece are utterly pointless but they're easy to ignore.

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