The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant

A hyperactive boy and his best friend, a slow-witted youth with an affinity for horses, start collecting scrap metal for a shady dealer.

Arbor is a 13 years old boy and Swifty is his best friend. One day, they meet Kitten who is a local scrap dealer. Because Kitten favors Swifty which makes Arbor hurt so it leads to a tragic event. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (fr) wrote: Spike Jonze does AI. This is the guy that directed 'Being John Malkovich', among other surreal offerings, and stylistically it's related. This is a world where everyone is wired in all the time. It explores the loneliness and alienation that this can lead to, and looks in a light way at the fears that many pundits are currently expressing about machine intelligence. The ultimate question: what use are humans if machines can control their own destinies? There are a couple of short shots of small detail here, where 'reality' breaks into this virtual connectedness: steam emerging from a street grating, dust motes glittering in sunlight. These are the small things that denote consciousness. A good movie of its genre, although its concerns are narrow focus.

Marischa B (jp) wrote: What a beautiful, beautiful movie, what an amazing story, and what an amazing man.I was hesitant to watch it at first, I read some reviews before I watched it, all positive, but even when I started watching, I didn't expect it to be this good! Boy, am I glad I decided to watch it, it honestly just made my day. I really loved it. It says "comedy" in the description, and I thought it would be more of a drama, but this man's life sure had funny moments. It's funny, heartwarming, and plain inspiring. There are some goosebumps-moments in there. The main actor did a splendid job, half way through the movie he started looking like the real Paul Potts, that's how good he is. The director did a fantastic job too. All-in-all, it's a fun watch, even if it's not your type of movies, you'd like it. It makes you think, how a simple everyday man's life, can have so much adventure, and so much to be said about it.It's a story about a dream, about following that dream, and about reaching that dream.

Sally S (jp) wrote: Good to see that the Western climbing team finally realised that 'getting to the summit' need not be the only objective.

Dorian G (jp) wrote: Great for the nostalgia, but still has plenty of good gags too. My friends and I at university used to watch this and play all the drinking games, and would laugh all night over how silly this movie is. Just fun.Watched on Shaw on demand at Sam's with her, December 1, 2016.

David J (fr) wrote: The Flaming Lips make a sci fi movie. pretty good...pretty lips'esque. would only recommend for fans of the band or pretty serious "midnight movie" type fans.

Rick L (us) wrote: This is from an old screenplay "Big Deal on Madonna Street". A very funny film with an all star cast. It reminds me of a Cohen brother film with less violence and more comedy.

Ryan P (ag) wrote: Really solid little movie.

Ollie W (it) wrote: Amazingly powerful portrail of Valerie Solanas - superbly depicted by Lili Taylor- and the effects of potently mixing extremist femanism with verging insanity. The entire film looks amazing and, of course, Harron directs and paces with knowing style and skill, lead by steller performances all round and a brilliantly realised script - this is fantastic film making. Im off to buy my copy of the manifesto.

Miquel C (gb) wrote: Brutaaalll, encara en tenc malsons!!

Dean M (kr) wrote: Don Wilson vehicle with "The Dragon" as a doctor mixed up in kickboxing and a gang-race war is quite above average.

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: Orson Welles isn't one of my favorite directors, but I agree with what he said of James Cagney: "Maybe the greatest actor to ever appear in front of a camera." "White Heat" is only my second film of his, and even before I had seen "Angels with Dirty Faces," I was convinced in my heart he would become one of my favorite actors of all time, let's say I predicted it. Pound for pound, Cagney may be the the greatest actor ever, at least that's how I felt while watching him. He was short in stature, and if you look at his body from the neck below it's not intimidating; all he needs is his face and voice that delivers lightening-quick dialogues. My favorite sequence is actually a tender one, where he talks of his loneliness and his family background. This is the ultimate badass. I'm not even that interested in talking about the film, which is one of the best noirs (although doesn't surpass "Double Indemnity" or "The Maltese Falcon"); briefly, it concerns a undercover cop who joins Cody Jarrett (Cagney)'s gang in prison. Guys like De Niro, Pacino, Brando, Nicholson, or Mifune had more resources and better directors to work with, they were in better films, thus having more versatile characters. I think if Cagney had gotten a opportunity to portray in more realistic films he would be even more extraordinary. In my mind, at the moment I feel he is certainly better than 50s' Brando. Sure, his characters are more limited, but the energy and power he brings is unmatched. Only in one scene did I feel he wasn't as good as he is throughout the rest of the movie. Forget the two "Scarface" movies, watch "White Heat." Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

Torion O (ca) wrote: Loved it. Favorite mystery movie by far.

Ken S (ag) wrote: A middle-aged couple who recently lost their son move into an old house in a new town, but when the wife believes she is feeling the presence of their dead son, they soon discover there may be more to their house then they anticipated. It is a really good ghost story and haunted house movie - with the right dose of atmosphere, build-up, tension, and creeps throughout, with a big exciting finale. It is increasingly refreshing to know that in the smaller indie world, a lot of really great horror films are still being made.