The September Issue

The September Issue

A documentary chronicling Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's preparations for the 2007 fall-fashion issue.

A documentary chronicling Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's preparations for the 2007 fall-fashion issue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The September Issue torrent reviews

Evie P (es) wrote: This movie makes you think how lucky you may be...makes you reflect. I also liked the dolphin's being in the movie.

Jeff T (ag) wrote: Thought this one was awesome

Film C (it) wrote: yeah i didnt think this was that great but i cant help but see a similarity between nicole forester and gary sinise but they arent related its weird!! but this movie isnt interesting really a bit boring and not very funny and a bit of a boring storyline! not really worth the watch

Emiliano R (kr) wrote: Joyita made in China: Zhang Yimou antes de brillar con produciones ms ambiciosas como en "La Casa de las Dagas Voladoras", realiz obras de este tipo, que gozan de una sencillez pero de un poder emotivo y riqueza narrativa sobresalientes. Un film no slo conmovedor por su historia y sus actuaciones, sino por la realidad que muestra, tan lejana geogrficamente, pero tan cercana socialmente: el problema de la desercin escolar, producto de desigualdades econmicas y culturales. Un drama gil, entretenido y duro a la vez, pero sin caer en golpes bajos y desde un lugar enternecedor.

Ayrton Anthony C (br) wrote: Desde un comienzo Christopher Nolan muestra su capacidad innata para abarcar temas tan complejos como la mente humana, sin duda un film que marca el comienzo de la carrera de uno de los mejores cineastas de la poca.

Anita L (nl) wrote: When perusing the movies to see what to rent...I came upon this delightful movie. LOVED it!!

Frank M (br) wrote: a silly story that is meaningless entertainment.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 (1973) Coffy ACTION At the beginning of this film, Coffy(played by Pam Grier) blows a pusher's head off with a 12 gauge shotgun and overdoses on the other and says that it was because of her sister. Then the film has Coffy as a regular nurse but can't perform her duties properly because of that incident. Her African American male friend whose a cop ends up in a coma because he refused to be bribed from some powerful pimps/ pushers as opposed to some others, eventually finds out that her boyfriend whose running for councillour is also in the bracket as well, setting Coffy up to seek some retribution. This rating is basically for the few action bits that it does have which is better and more realistically better handled than other "blaxploitation" films shown during that particular time which a good percentage of them (the action)always look fake, especially the fights, at least this this one has girls ripping each others clothes off one another. Besides the blowing of the guys head with a 12 gauge, this film also has a guy tied up behind a on going car, two corrupt police officers attempting to run Coffy down with their squad cars, topping it off Coffy blowing off her boyfriends genitals. The pointless babble seems kind of long since viewers can pretty much figure out who're the bad guys, making me want them to just cut to the chase and showcase Coffy doing her thing whether it's seducing bad guys before giving them their just deserts. 3 out of 4

Michael L (jp) wrote: another great film noir by fritz lang one of the masters and inventors of the genre. much like classic the big heat and just about every other film noir, there is a dame, a murder, and intrigue but lang's take on le bete humaine is somehow original and standouts from other noirs of its type. special credit should go to broderick crawford who does this kind of role so well as weve seen in born yesterday. stylistically though, not as classic or important as the renoir take but still a great film

Luke T (nl) wrote: It is extremely rare that any remake in American cinema is as good as the original but this can be said for this updated version of the classic western from 1957 which starred Glenn Ford and Van Heflin.Here, Christian Bale gives a very good performance in his role as Dan Evans, a hard-up rancher trying to earn money and his family's respect by escorting an outlaw (Russell Crowe) on his way to jail. Crowe is also good in his role as Ben Wade, the man who terrorizes 1800s Arizona until he is captured.The direction from James Mangold (his first film since the absolutely superb Walk the Line) is very good because he keeps a tense atmosphere going from start to finish and also allows good action sequences, some of these are well-filmed and there is excellent cinematography to be provided thanks to the glorious sunny weather. The script is well written by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Halsted Welles because it makes the story easy to follow.Some of the violence can be a little uncomfortable to view in places but this is part of the story so therefore it has to be included. Westerns are now quite rare on the screen so it does create anticipation when they appear, unlike the Golden Age of Hollywood.This western remake is one that is enjoyable as the original because it works very well due to the gripping action sequences and the terrific performances from Bale and Crowe. Mangold can be very proud of himself.

Brody M (ru) wrote: Very good 70's cop flick