The Serpent

The Serpent

Vlassov is a Soviet spy who defects in France. He is whisked to the U.S, where Allan Davies takes over the case. After polygraph tests and cross-examinations, Vlassov names several Western European agents who are also spying for the Soviets. Davies wants to take the listed agents into custody; meanwhile, those on the list start dying under mysterious circumstances.

A Russian diplomat hatches a complicated plan to enable him to defect to the West. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (fr) wrote: interesting and boring at the same time

Brad M (ag) wrote: Had a few funny moments. But they made fun of more than just horror genre and they also ran out of funny clever material after about 20mins

Sheena E (nl) wrote: Actually really surprised this movie didn't go to theaters, was a really good movie

Scott M (us) wrote: Well that's 2 hours I'll never get back.

Erica T (es) wrote: You have to mention 500 Days of Summer because this film has a similar format, but it is more real and less cutesy. The emotions and ups and downs in the relationship are believable and the acting is superb. Love Jess Weixler and Ritter was also good.

Joshua S (ru) wrote: After all, I am just a Doggy Poo...LOL

Mono Kris A (de) wrote: "Resident Evil: Apocalpsis" Esta es la primera pelcula que veo de esta saga y me dej intrigado por su trama, la complejidad de la historia, y por supuesto la accin. Quiero ver la primera parte y continuar la saga.

Desmond R (ru) wrote: One of the best British movies of recent times

Osama A (kr) wrote: ?? ? ??? ???? ?? ?

Constantine H (nl) wrote: Although the characters say "Super 8" and a cartridge of Super 8 film is actually seen on screen, the actual camera is clearly of an earlier technology. The producers are very bold to try to evoke the city of 20 years ago, and only the occasional Chevrolet Celebrity in the background gives it away.

Brandon R (it) wrote: My friend worked at a movie theater and maybe a week after this was released he gave the wall size poster of this movie to another friend. Unfortunately Bokeem Woodbine's career has gone kinda south after this and his later role as crazy preacher guy in Dead President's. Now he's relegated to straight to Cinemax action flicks that usually have the words Operation, Delta, or a combination of the two. he's a good actor who deserves better. This movie had something to do with voodoo.

Chris S (us) wrote: This has got to be my favourite documentary of all time. If you want to see a guy who has a ridiculous obsession with getting beaten by bats, hit by trucks and thrown down the Niagara escarpment in a suit he's trying to make "bear-proof", you have very specific tastes and this is the movie for you.

LE (jp) wrote: If you haven't seen this; rent it! I'm telling you, you won't regret it. Shirley MacLaine is hilarious and Robert Cummings is just brilliant!

Becky K (gb) wrote: aww- that takes me back!

Jess L (au) wrote: I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is an amazing actress but all this movie does is show that she can get her gear off. Overall the film had some touching moments between mother and daughter but on the whole the character of Sherry and all of her unlikeable traits left me bored with this film and its characters. I didn't really care if she got her daughter back because she didn't deserve to and no redeeming moments in the film made me change my mind. Bit of a shame really everything else I've seen her in I've loved.

Dylan M (de) wrote: The only thing holding it down was the Batgirl subplot, which is a shame, because Tara Strong's Batgirl was always something I enjoyed in the DCAU. The sex scene was really out of character for Batman, and having Batgirl act like a lovestruck teenager was an insult to the character. Plus, as a minor nitpick, Harley's outfit was lame.But in the good, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill exceeded expectations, especially Hamill. When it followed the graphic novel, it was fantastic. But the rest of it held it back for me, unfortunately.