The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Concerned about his friend's cocaine use, Dr. Watson tricks Sherlock Holmes into travelling to Vienna, where Holmes enters the care of Sigmund Freud. Freud attemts to solve the mysteries of Holmes' subconscious, while Holmes devotes himself to solving a mystery involving the kidnapping of Lola Deveraux.

To treat his friend's cocaine induced delusions, Watson lures Sherlock Holmes to Sigmund Freud. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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natalie t (ru) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time. The character development is stellar and it makes you feel what the characters feel. I must have seen this film over 60 times, and I still yell and cry at times. By the end, you feel as though you know the characters and they have a place in your heart (I know, cheesy right). All in all, I make all of my friends watch it at least once; it's stellar quality and joy will make it a film you won't forget.

Guido S (ca) wrote: In the vein of American Pie and Dazed and Confused, comes another teen comedy where a group of kids from Cleveland are excited to go to a KISS concert in Detroit when one of their mothers burns them to stop them from going. This could have been great, but it misses the mark. It just isn't that remarkable or funny and none of the characters really stick with you. The idea is solid, but the execution was severely lacking. There are some great ideas, from breaking into a boys school and getting the priest high to help of of the kids make the concert to meeting some disco fans on the way to Detroit. Ron Jeremy is in the male strip club to raise money to buy tickets from some scalpers as well. That's about it for me. I really wanted to like this, but it just doesn't deliver in the way it should.

LA L (ca) wrote: A heavily Scorsese-influenced film about ego, greed and excess that uses the 70s and 80s pornography world as a background. Great script with an awesome cast - Burt Reynolds gives a strong performance and Mark Wahlberg is fantastic as "Dirk Diggler". Great soundtrack as well.

Grg W (ca) wrote: the first part of this was kinda boring and a waste, but as the story progressed, this got deeper and more entertaining. a newly appointed funeral director/cemetery owner gets a "grave" surprise when he unintentionally kills a couple people by putting a black pin on his map of graves. this is good for a watch or two.

Courtney S (ru) wrote: Beautiful and one of the oldest films and one of the few Soviet films I've seen featuring non-"Great Russians" (European-looking Orthodox).