The Sex Addict

The Sex Addict

When a PhD student decides to document a real life sex addict for her dissertation in sex psychology, she becomes much more than a curious observer.

When a PhD student decides to document a real life sex addict for her dissertation in sex psychology, she becomes much more than a curious observer. The movie includes some cameos from recognizable actors like Ken Davitian (Borat), Horatio Sanz (SNL), and Bryan Callen (MADtv). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miles H (fr) wrote: A delightful confection

Abdo M (mx) wrote: i love any filme you make it

Private U (gb) wrote: Hablemos claro: a poca gente le gustar esta pelcula. En primer lugar porque emplea un lenguaje narrativo al que el espectador espaol no est acostumbrado y en segundo lugar porque la recreacin de ese lenguaje en pantalla crea un efecto hiperrealista en el que apenas quedan trazas o distancia entre lo que sucede a un lado y a otro de la pantalla. Por eso, y porque las historias son vulgares de puro comn (peleas por un piso, cncer, separaciones) Rosales se detiene en lo banal desde una mirada petrificante y avasalladora: el espectador no debe enfrentarse slo a la tensin dramtica una escena, sino tambin a lo que ocurre en los bastidores. La mirada del voyeur - recurso utilizado en la construccin de planos - no trata de seducir al personaje ni al espectador, quiere hacerlos uno.En Rosales se ve al Rohmer de los Cuentos, al Haneke de las primeras pelculas e incluso al Guern de En construccin: planos largos sin movimiento, historias abiertas, ausencia de msica ambiental, conversaciones ftiles pero que dicen ms de lo que callan (en la pelcula de Rosales, el dinero es un elemento "sospechoso" de separacin).

Marya A (ca) wrote: This is an AWESOME comedy movie and it keeps you laughing till the end! there are a few scenes which i can see again and again and theyre still funny! I wud rate it as my fav after Hera Pheri (the original and first one!)!

Matt W (ca) wrote: Not nearly as entertaining or compelling as other documentaries about kids. Namely Spellbound. Kinda boring really.

Febro H (au) wrote: fiction getting so real, but why will ferrel?

Oliver H (es) wrote: sharp satire, fine enough ...

Rick R (kr) wrote: 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)Celebrating 500 years of Christopher Columbus's discovery of the new world, this beautifully-filmed movie came out in theaters. Nobody does the middle ages better than Ridley Scott, and he was true to form with this movie showing the grander, and yes, the cruelty of early Spain.An Italian foreigner, Christopher Columbus (Grard Depardieu) is trying to get financing and ships from Queen Isabel (Sigourney Weaver) to prove his ability to travel West to arrive to the East to trade in the riches of China and India. He's having to deal with the entitlement of the Spanish nobility, the superstitions of the day, and the violence of the Spanish inquisition and battles with the Moors.Then there's the realization that this discovery wasn't the riches of China or India, but of an innocent society of island natives. No gold and silver; no bridges and buildings, and because he is the new governor of this new land, it's harder for him to leave and explore further.The cinematography was beautiful, but two and a half butt-numbing hours is a little too much even for the best of movies.

Jake M (jp) wrote: Home Alone(1990) - is hilarious when it needs to be, but it also manages to sneak in some very well done sentimental moments that definitely ring in the Christmas spirit. The concept of the film seems very promising, when the funny moments hit they really hit and they are uncontrollably funny. I'll admit that when the movie starts out it seems a little too mean spirited when we actually see Kevin with his family but at the same time I can kinda see this being Kevin's point of view of his family and maybe from his point of view he see's his family being a little more angry then we would. It does payoff as the movie plays on because once Kevin discovers that he's home alone, the movie only gets comedic from there as well as it can get sentimental. Kevin himself is bratty but also innocent. At sometimes he can get sort of annoying but most of the time he is funny and somewhat crafty. I especially love how he comes up with ways to trick the adults around him with his odd ideas. The Wet Bandits are especially funny, They just keep getting themselves into more and more trouble especially when it comes to the third act. When the Bandits enter Kevin's house and fall under his traps it becomes so funny that even you have to at least chuckle when the insane slapstick occurs. The only other character to mention is Marley. Kevin fears this guy because of some scary backstory told by his older brother but there's more to him then what he appears to be. I won't say too much but let's just say he is one of the characters who brings some heart in the movie. Aside from everything else I think the look of the movie is probably what stands out to me the most. Everything from the Christmas decorations and bright lights really make the movie pop and it give you that special feeling that only something great as Christmas can do. Sure the movie does have a few minor nitpicks but they are not enough to distract from the great feeling that this movie gives. It's been a Christmas Classic for decades and it looks like it will still be a Christmas classic for years to come. (A-)

Aj V (nl) wrote: Boring! Not at all the sensual steamy romance that it says it's supposed to be. I wasn't impressed by any of the actors, and I hated the story. It's just so boring!

Weul S (au) wrote: An aging professor reflects on his life thru a series of dreams & conversations with his daughter-in-law & tries to stop the cycle of loneliness he has unwillingly passed onto his son. Although this isn't my favorite Bergman, it did redeem itself in the end.

Jacob B (es) wrote: Woah, what's with all the low ratings? I seriously think all the people who gave this below 3 stars need to watch it again, not as some movie your kid dragged you into or even a typical Disney movie, but a movie that requires the same amount of attention you would give a live-action film. Surprisingly great voice work and dialogue, interesting characters, and a story that's a little run-of-the-mill but still feels original due to the added sci-fi elements, not to mention the gorgeous animation and art direction on display here! Very underrated and a lot of fun.

Maxwell K (fr) wrote: This was actually a cute little movie with great performances by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro. I thought it was fun and touching and was pretty 90's.

Luis O (ca) wrote: As close to perfect as a genre film can get

Mayra Z (ru) wrote: a so-so movie but entertaining.

Hannah W (it) wrote: Sure, I'll watch it again just for Burt Lancaster. But there was nothing that I would say made it a "bad" movie.