The Sex Monster

The Sex Monster

A neurotic L.A. building contractor (Mike Binder in his best Woody Allen imitation) pushes his wife (Mariel Hemingway) into entering into a three way sexual relationship. Unfortunately for him, his wife gets more out of it than he does and becomes a tigress seducing every female she meets including the contractor's secretary.

Marty (Mike Binder) is a building contractor who is working on a huge project, but looking for an investor to bring the project to fruition. However, he's a bit concerned that things in the bedroom is getting a bit boring. When he hears a story about one of the hot ladies in the office and her "experimentation" he becomes obsessed with the idea of having a three some with his wife and another woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Bibek C (jp) wrote: refreshing first half followed by a illogical, unrealistic and bit boring second half..

Erik W (ag) wrote: Absolutely chilling documentary about a drifter kidnapping/murdering kids on Staten Island. Definitely not pleasant, but very well put together. Some real-life horror to mix in with the Hollywood magic.

Rubia (fr) wrote: Quite charming and funny.

Carlos G (au) wrote: Jackie Chan en una peli seria (y casi sin peleas) sobre ilegales chinos viviendo en Japn? Si. Y no est nada mal.

Chris M (kr) wrote: Woody Harrelson's performance against type is the main reason to watch this. It's an unremarkable film with a fairly standard plot, but his turn as Carter Page III is compelling.There are also a number of nice supporting performances from Lauren Bacall, Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily Tomlin & Ned Beatty as the various Players in this Washington DC social bubble.The quietness of the film, understated camera movements and subtlety if many conversations between these players kept my attention. The occasional Canasta games reminded me of the Mah Jong scenes in Lust, Caution.

Jonathan D (ca) wrote: The main problem is that the movie never gets to a climx, it starts like a high note since the beginning so we never get surprised or waiting more, a ok movie thanks to Barabara Mori who is such a godess and who is very talented!!!

Dee (gb) wrote: Carmen was excellent!!

julia G (jp) wrote: pretty lame and pointless

Jordan L (ru) wrote: This movie was really cool. I need to read the book now.

Asif K (nl) wrote: the name itself makes me not want to see this movie.....

Naomi B (jp) wrote: It was sweet and so sad.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: Cher and Demi Moore?!? Well, I'll be damned, sign me up! I've always wanted a lobotomy without the scars.

Gwen M (gb) wrote: a film that is much more complex than it appears to be on the surface. a lot of interesting situations and interpretations.

michelle w (us) wrote: This film is genuinely frightening and you'll be at the edges of your seats. it's concept could be classed as predictable, but nowhere near as disturbing or as imaginative. I was near death with this film because of it's gripping sensation and fearsome antics. Mr Dark is such a threatening yet excellent villain who has a great thriller voice. I would definitely recommend this film, although beware of the gruesome scenes and bloody moments. But it's definitely a great horror film

Eytan D (us) wrote: It's best watching the original "My Bloody Valentine" in its entire uncut glory. A bit creepy, even claustrophobic, at times, "My Bloody Valentine" benefits from creative kills, a memorable and original villain and a likeable cast. It tends to drag at times, so in that respect, the remake is better. Otherwise, this one's cheesy 80's fun.

John Y (nl) wrote: A good telling of the life of one of America's most famous and infuriating generals.

Melissa W (ag) wrote: Let's hope they don't remake this in honour of William and Catherine.

Caitlin L (us) wrote: Loved this movie. Highly recommend it to everyone. Love John and John together. They are a great pair. Great chemistry between them. Humorous moments broke up the action at just the right moment.