The Shadow Riders

The Shadow Riders

After starring in "The Sacketts", Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott team up again but this time as Mac and Dal Traven, in a movie based on a classic Louis L'Amour novel. They are brothers, who meet up at the end of the Civil War fighting on opposite sides. They go home only to find their family in dire need and their sisters and brother kidnapped by ruthless raiders. They set out to rescue their family.

Tom Selleck (TV's Magnum P.I.) and Sam Elliot (Tombstone) star as brothers who battled on opposing sides of the Civil War only to return home to discover that their family, including a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (de) wrote: where is the focus???

Seher K (kr) wrote: a bit cliched but worth the watch.milestone movie, which does remind you for bucket list, but done so perfectly that the emotions pour out real. your tears will be real. can't believe this movie having flop talk. something is wrong with people and their choice. they always want masala, which could lead to cancer then why? sometimes you got to let yuor heart bleed and feel so that you feel that this could be you one day and then what you could do!An excellent movie after a very very long time which wouldn't be forgotten very soon.

Jennifer H (ag) wrote: oh dang, way to predictable. I think it was a good story line, but they needed to keep me guessing in order for me to like it.

Asif H (ag) wrote: Fun film, don`t know why critics hated it.

Charlie D (es) wrote: With scientists now starting to "gene edit" human embryos, you really have to think how far in the future ideas like this will become true. It's a dreary thought but inevitable. It's intelligently written with some very powerful characters.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: Just looks like a farce to me.

Sonya T (br) wrote: heart touching movie...

Paul D (ru) wrote: British b-movie horror tapping into the fears of the new nuclear age to create its monster and it's solid enough film-making.

george (nl) wrote: this movie has everything but a plot

Brett C (kr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:For me Ronin is a film of two halves, the first one about the obtaining of the mysterious grey/silver case and the second about the betrayal and the chase in obtaining it back. My feeling towards the film is split, with the first half of the film being wonderfully handled. It showed us how these hired men, all of which possess a specific task and skill-set, prepared themselves for the job. Watching these men plan their mission is exciting, the film was able to suck me in and having me wanting more. I wanted to understand the process of being in this business and the personalities that found within it; though the film delivers this at a satisfying level, I did want the film to be a bit more indulgent as it would have given a film a bit color during the early quiet sequences of the film.The film's second half on the other hand was quite dull, it failed to maintain my interest as it starts to lose that sense of professionalism that was found on the first film, it started to feel more like a payback/revenge film. It relies so much in its action sequences to maintain one's interest, which it did for me some of the time, but it still felt highly unsatisfying with a human story that fails to remain interesting. At least this half was able to deliver a more than satisfying car sequence that doesn't rely on abundance on shooting or explosions to inject that sense of adrenaline. The film's resolution was a tad bit underwhelming, as I expected it to somehow top or at least match the intensity found in the previous scenes.I was satisfied with Robert De Niro's, Sam, performance in this film as it is clear that he has given the role a bit more than what was expected. My expectations for the actor were low for this film, and with that mindset I think that did make a difference with how I feel about his performance. I just love the scenes he had against Sean Bean as one can truly feel the dislike the character feels for Spence. Jean Reno on the other hand started off decent then as the film went on, I got more and more bored of his performance; remaining interchangeable throughout the entire film.Ronin has potential, and it is one of the reasons why I would consider watching this again in the future. It features a story that started off strong then failing to hold my interest during the second hour of the film. It also features a sufficient performance from De Niro and action sequences that are above the films similar to its nature.

Timothy P (de) wrote: Spielberg + aliens = winning combination.Spielberg + Hawn.... less so