The Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog

Preteen Moochie Daniels just wants a dog, but his dad, Daniel, is allergic to canines, like Bundles, the shabby sheep dog of neighbor Charlie Mulvihill who secretly trained his pet to help him steal jewels. Mooch's big brother Wilbert 'Wilby' is smart, shy and a promising inventor, but hopelessly clumsy when it comes to girls, and is jealous of his slick mate Trey who has no problems. Desperate Wilby resorts to a spell from the ring of Lucrezia Borgia (he accidentally got from dad's museum of curiosities), which magically turns him into Bundles and back at uncontrollable times. This is how he also knows that the diamond on loan in his father's museum is Charlie's next target.

Preteen Moochie Daniels just wants a dog, but his dad, Daniel, is allergic to canines, like Bundles, the shabby sheep dog of neighbor Charlie Mulvihill who secretly trained his pet to help ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian T (ru) wrote: A pretty decent little low budget horror piece. Definetly not winning any awards, but I enjoyed it. Its sort of a movie of two halves. The first being creeper than the second to me. Richard Brake is a consistantly underrated actor, and he is mega creepy here. The rest of the acting is mostly miss, but nothing terrible. The second half becomes pretty standard zombie movie. The main character played by O'Kane is a tad unbelievable, as he makes about 15 decisions that someone interested in surviving this mess would never make. I also have to point out Michale Graves is a huge pussy. He gets cut in the hand, and somehow that means he can't walk, and everyone else has to carry him. Like I said, this is by no means a great movie, but it was entertaining, and pretty intense at times.

Thomas D (jp) wrote: Let's take it back a notch, back to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is a recovering, messed up war zone where gangs are at war and the citizens are doing anything but resting easy, even the cops. 'Streets' was a nice, raw adventure into the seedy underworld of the 'diverse' world of the Louisiana Police Unit. Some are good, some are bad. Just like any scenario or good movie (ala: Star Wars) the great thing about this movie was the realism and three dimensional nature of the characters. Maybe not the depth of the characters so much, but more so the depth of the environment, and the pawns and bishops and kings within it. The acting was actually very good. Val Kilmer + 50 Cent made a really good, believable team. The other cops, Pepe and Barney were some crazy mofo's! seriously! This is another one of those movies, similar to 'Street Kings' and 'Dark Blue' with Kurt Russel, that will make you ponder the true nature and intentions of the people that you think are protecting your city. Playing strongly on the violence versus violence solution to seemingly unstoppable forces in the crime world such as the strong drug circuit displayed in this movie. It reminded me a lot of 'Training Day' also, with similar characters that end up re-thinking their very actions by the movies finale. While Training Day may have a satisfactory and now almost historical finale, Streets of Blood sadly goes without. An odd scene between the two partners (50 Cent and Val Kilmer) is shown at the movies ending and leaves a little bit too much for the viewing audience to wonder and think about. I think that the writing crew just got plain lazy! You'll know what i mean when you watch it. Streets of Blood was an impacting, enjoyable movie, but it definitely contained what the overzealous viewer would describe as 'horrible loose ends'! Watch it anyways and see what you think. Good seeing Kilmer in some good, hard roles every now and then. 3-starz.

Annmaria M (br) wrote: This is a poorly thought out and lazily researched film about Beethoven. Diane Kruger is grossly miscast and only someone immortal could possibly guess what on earth she is doing with her hands when she conducts. The nuances given to Beethoven for what can only be cinematic effect (using a listening horn) are so misguided as to be ludicrous. I did not like the film either as a work of art or as a display of history. A failure.

Alice B (jp) wrote: it's interesting how tom cruise plays a villian and Jamie fox plays a hero. I have both a good and bad taste for movies. this movie is awesome and I will start my own youtube critic channel and review it. tom cruise is more badass then anything that mission impossible had to offer.

Doug C (mx) wrote: A little messy in the beginning but it clears up.

Anthony P (it) wrote: I LOVE the dream-like world and the animation is absolutely beautiful...But the story is a complete mess... And what did the protagonist even learn in the end?This movie is just "eye candy" than anything else.

Stephen C (br) wrote: Sublime mix of old and New wartime footage focusing on the build up Towards D Day through the eys of Tom a raw recruit to The British Army. Finaced by The Imperial War Museum and Rarely seen for many years ,this film has plenty to recommend it. The most notable being Stanley Kubricks DP of choice John Alcotts fantastic black and white camera work which along with actual wartime footage of The Blitz and Other key moments keep the interest factor high. Director Cooper shows us how Tom is changed by ther process of Training up until the final point of the landing on the Beaches Of Normandy. While this Is no Saving Private Ryan the film gives a human side to a global event which changed everything

Trent R (de) wrote: This is mainly of interest as an example of what Ulmer could accomplish in no time with bupkis. I read that he recycled pieces of a futuristic exhibition from the 1959 Texas State Fair in the sets. So, there's a fun element of surprise to some aspects of an otherwise threadbare and silly production.

Priyu K (br) wrote: so good. otto is the man.

jay n (fr) wrote: Big budget nonsense with Joan vampig it up as a wannabe Egyptian queen. Some impressive set pieces but moves far too slowly to be really involving. Some of the acting is so stiff that if the actors mouths weren't moving you'd think they were trees. Jack Hawkins who in other films was a fine actor is strictly phoning it in here and Joan, who was a beautiful woman, looks hideous under terrible cocoa makeup and fire engine red lipstick. Incredibly one of the writers of this sandlot soap opera was William Faulkner! Still on a purely camp level there are things to enjoy.

Bubbie N (es) wrote: i saw this at the theatre many, many years, ago. it was pretty disturbing, especially if you've just seen boyle in everybody loves raymond! there were a lot a hate tanks, back then, & i'm sure theat viet-nam didn't do them hippie's any justice either! it's definately worth watching though. i've seen it a few times over the years, & thank god, somethings have improved, for the better, over the years.

Casey P (gb) wrote: great road trip flick

Shane M (us) wrote: A classic rom-com in the best way (actually romantic and funny, but also having tons of wit and charm). Moonstruck follows a Sicilian American widow named Loretta Castorini who agrees to marry a an named Johnny Cammareri, but he must visit his dying mother in Sicily, and she visits his brother Ronny in order to patch up the differences between them, but she later starts to fall for Ronny. The film is a heavy deviation from the normal romance formula (predictability, clichs, hot and popular stars, no chemistry between the main stars, same BS story, shitty writing, lack of direction, and a lack of romance), and offers up a film that's not only believable and entertaining, but also smart and witty, with heavy thanks to writer John Patrick Shanely, who won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay by giving audiences a natural romance story with strong character studies of Loretta, Ronny, and Loretta's family, giving audiences a romance film with an appropriate level of depth, and at times, emotion and humor. He also inputs lots of humor, true emotion, and REAL romance, while also using lots of wit and charm in the story. Another he uses is symbolism especially during a scene where a full moon is seen in the sky. The film is brought to life by director Norman Jewison, who received an Oscar nod for Best Director by managing real chemistry between Cher and Nicolas Cage, but also getting all the laughs out, and managing realistic interactions between the characters, keeping this romance story far from its inferior competitors (and some like them better than this, what a joke). The film is far from today's love stories as it received six Oscar nods for Best Picture, Director, and Supporting Actor for Vincent Gardenia as Cosmo Castorini, Loretta's father and a successful plumber, and won three for Best Original Screenplay, Actress for Cher as Loretta, an accountant for a few local businesses in Brooklyn Heights, New York, and Supporting Actress for Olympia Dukakis as Roe, Loretta's moter who offers Loretta warnings and advice, as well as some funny moments. Nicolas Cage received a Golden Globe nod for portraying Ronny, an estranged baker with signs of depression and anger towards his brother. One of the best romantic comedies ever, and a must-see for movie-goers.

James J (gb) wrote: really good well thought out movie great twist did not see it comming good story good cast and good acting all in all it's a 6/10