The Shame

The Shame

A young married couple, not knowing how to deal with their new adopted son's behavior, decides to give him back.

A young married couple, not knowing how to deal with their new adopted son's behavior, decides to give him back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tricia L (au) wrote: Religious propaganda. You almost got me, Batty. Almost.

Francisco S (es) wrote: Mamma Mia suffers from a predictable narrative and little unoriginal story, however the cast elevates the interest as the charming ABBA's songs, and I have to say Amanda Seyfried shone very much, and Meryl Streep didn't stay behind. Just for the ones who said that they have weak voices I say that it is not so, the vocals weren't obviously as the ABBA excellent and agelical voices, however the important here was send the message with the songs and adapt them to the occasion and Phyllida Lloyd and Catherine Johnson were very clever on that.

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Liam P (au) wrote: This movie gave me so much entertainment was a young teen and as a adult I look at it is as a very groundbreaking film not just being X rated but satirizing race issues and being a parody of many of the animated films of the time

Michael T (fr) wrote: Extremely pleasant musical adaptation of THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, with Judy and Van a fun romantic comedy team; the great silent comedian Buster Keaton has a rather thankless supporting role.

Hayden P (au) wrote: San Andreas is one of the more appealing destruction movies, but is similar in lacking depth and ingenuity .