The She-Creature

The She-Creature

A mysterious hypnotist (Chester Morris) reverts his beautiful assistant (Marla English) back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life.

A mysterious hypnotist reverts his beautiful assistant back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max F (us) wrote: Incrvel, parece fico.

WS W (gb) wrote: Josh Lucas' solo. Average in everything only the way of story telling sounds a bit odd at the beginning.

Kim (de) wrote: Pretty good...Churchy, but good!

Ivars L (au) wrote: OMG A SEQUEL TO CRANK WOOO

Michael J (kr) wrote: This was a pretty silly and predicable movie. Nevertheless, I was able to sit through the whole thing. Wasn't scary at all and the acting wasn't that good.

Imran A (fr) wrote: I can't wait for the sequal its going to be awesome, this one doesn't have much of a story it needs more action elements and longer action scenes its a solid fantasy movie I give it a solid B+,these scenes remind me of spider-man and superman.

Movie F (nl) wrote: I absolutely loved this film. Harrison Ford was the perfect choice to play as the president and Gary Oldman was a great choice to play the main villain. This also brings one of my favorite quotes "Get Off my plane!!". Overall Air Force One is a great popcorn action/thriller.

Nigel K (es) wrote: Can't help it, love watching this crappy film!

NIN R (us) wrote: Not as good as the first one

Dann M (it) wrote: The horror continues (well actually it doesn't) in Creepshow 2, the second anthology by George A. Romero and Stephen King. The film features three tales of terror, including a wooden Indian statue that comes to life, a mysterious slick that stalks a group of swimmers, and a hitchhiker who won't die, that are tied together by an animated sequence. The acting is really poor, as is the directing. Also, the makeup effects look extremely cheap, and so do the sets and costumes. Not nearly as frightening as the original, Creepshow 2 isn't able to deliver that many scares.

Bobby D (ru) wrote: Wow. Never even heard of this and came across by accident on Netflix. Part of 1950's Hollywood and probably the USA's attempt at normalizing relations between America and Japan by todays standards the film although mildly entertaining is a train wreck of racism. Taken from a play the authors realise this and the Okinawans led by Marlon Brando in Japanese make-up ( I thought Sean Connery looked bizarre) out wit the American Army sent to "educate" them in the days after World War 2. To his credit Brando does the best he can with the role but still sounds very Brooklynish and his hair looks like he's a young Jor-El from Superman. The cast is good, but Glenn Ford was weak in his part.

Greg W (au) wrote: Yes, it's that kind of patently silly plot, but it works nicely here thanks to pleasant players, luminous Technicolor, a bright screenplay, and good songs.

Bruno L (it) wrote: I wonder why Eugene Levy still accepts to do these crappy 'American Pie B-movies?'

(fr) wrote: Well-made. Important film.

Sergiy M (us) wrote: Best comedy of 2015.

Isadore H (fr) wrote: Let Me In was a great vampire film with a satisfying ending. The two young actors were great in this one, and the script was superb. I really enjoyed the pitch-black tone and all the characters were believable and well acted. The bullying aspect really added something to the film and really made me feel for the main character. If you enjoy your films dark and mysterious, Let Me In is a great one

Andres G (ag) wrote: the special effects where OK even that the final battle on the ship should have some effect and not just the stupid blue canvas (where the effect was going to be added with CGI later) other than that the movie was interesting.

Mark R (fr) wrote: Another great addition to this evergrowing franchise

rajab k (jp) wrote: Utterly UTTERLY awful. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! Managed two minutes after being dragged by my musical obsessed partner. She prompted out prompt exit stating the largely untalented other Atherton sister was 'too much and crap'