The Shipping News

The Shipping News

An emotionally-beaten man with his young daughter moves to his ancestral home in Newfoundland to reclaim his life.

An emotionally-beaten man with his young daughter moves to his ancestral home in Newfoundland to reclaim his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (es) wrote: Not even moderately scary. It could only be loosely described as a thriller, though it barely qualifies for that.

Robin S (es) wrote: awesome movie! lots of thought provoking stuff from one of my favourite actors josh radnor aka ted mosby

Gary V (ca) wrote: Community productions of one man shows have better acting than this movie. It's HORRIFIC and I have no idea who put up the money for this as there's no way you could have read the script, done screen testing and could have ever thought this would be a good movie.

Cassie H (us) wrote: I very much so enjoyed this movie. It was full of suspense and eroticism. Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton were excellent as two passionate lovers who needed and longed for each other all day on the barge. Normally I wouldn't watch a movie like this, given the rating and that it probably meant that a lot of sexual content, but it was all worth it to see beyond credible acting. Give this film a shot and you just might like it. I adore it actually for how bad these people are.

Marcel S (fr) wrote: Una comedia espaola super brutal . La veo como una mezcla de historias a lo snatch , en donde todo cuadra al final y a la misma vez es una movie cm de Hangpver, donde un grupo de amios le tira una despedida de soltero y todo termina mal. awesome awesome, deberian verla si la consiguen. Cada vz me gusta mas el cine extrangero q hollywood.

Teresa M (ca) wrote: Very 80s, haha. but the story was interesting and their accents were awesome!

PierreYves D (us) wrote: l'episode des boxers a' la retraite est grandiose. excellente idee de l'avoir garde' pour la fin

Geno m (ru) wrote: One of the best Martial Arts films ever....

Paul D (it) wrote: A fun comedy, but not quite as good as the early Carrey days. Rhys Darby plays an alternative version of his Flight of the Conchords 'Murray' in this movie.

Eric O (ca) wrote: FINE WRITING AND DIRECTING MAKE WILDLIKE A REAL FINDWildlike is about a teenage runaway, a girl named Mackenzie. Otherwise, the film is not easy to categorize. I am crazy about this movie, however, and I've decided to think of it as the first really fine film in the career of a really great director. Wildlike is an encounter between two very different people, a wonderfully fine tuned study that held my attention throughout owing to writer-director Frank Hall Green's unique sensibilities and attention to every important detail of performance and story.Wildlike is neither a sappy, feel-good film about a teenager's "journey" nor a grim art house account of her inevitable decline. You will feel great after seeing it, however, because Green has gotten everything perfectly right. In depicting the film's flawed and fallible people, the thoughtful wisdom of ordinary adults, and the painfully naive efforts at intimacy of the film's teenager, Green has eschewed easy Hollywood tropes and gut punches for a rather modest plot, the vehicle for presenting the utterly fascinating chemistry between Wildlike's two main characters. Bruce Greenwood plays Rene Bartlett, a fortyish hiker who reluctantly allows runaway Mackenzie (Ella Purnell) to accompany him through Denali National Park on what he had planned to be a very solitary trek. Their performances are first rate and the heart of the film. Greenwood says more, and more deeply, in ten seconds of facial expression than you can possibly imagine, and Purnell is perfect with her cool but sadly awkward attempts to manipulate others or show genuine affection. Green was lucky to get these actors. Wildlike builds to a suspenseful enough climax and along the way delivers the very great pleasure of watching Greenwood and Purnell relate as they make their slow, awkward progress toward a fortunate ending.For me, Wildlike is a film to be studied. Greenwood defies your expectations and draws you in, I think, because film is the quintessential medium for observing people, and Wildlike in every detail offers something to observe without ever breaking your reverie with the implausible or contrived. For me (someone who watches a lot of films), Wildlike is the kind of movie of exquisite good taste you hope to find but only very rarely ever do.