The Shooting Party

The Shooting Party


An aristocrat falls for a young woman who brings him ruin. Based on Chekhov's story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Shooting Party torrent reviews

Ashley H (de) wrote: The plot is kinda lackluster and the acting is only sometimes good, but sometimes I just really need some of TGP's special brand of body horror to cheer me up. Four stars for all the smiles. Trigger warning: explicit self-harm.

angel m (au) wrote: Ok I Am An EVEREST documentary Junki?? Something about every show I have watched about it lately Has Facinated me If A Blindman can do this I can.. he makes me want to go climb it this season ... Wounderfull Movie expirience Hey :)

Ana G (us) wrote: Extraordinar de bine facut si ingrozitor de adevarat... cel putin asa pare... o perla a cinemaului romnesc !!!

Brianna P (br) wrote: I love this movie I watched it since I was 4

EJ M (ru) wrote: Solid good movie and Wesley is a good actor! Plus, I want my hair to be like his in this movie.

Michael K (kr) wrote: Jet Li, Jason Statham, Carla Gugino, and Delroy Lindo have done better, so why did they waste their time? Cool premise, but lame overdone execution hurts the interesting & mind-bending plot

Erica M (au) wrote: Based on a true story, okay if you are a jason statham fan but dont expect his usual fast paced action packed movie

Robert C (us) wrote: This movie is enjoyable if you limit your expectations to the movie's real purpose, which is to showcase some of France's most famous actresses being outrageously campy. It's a murder mystery musical comedy, but it isn't really interested in having us solve the mystery and the musical numbers are absolutely forgetable. What we remember is Catherine Deneuve smashing a bottle on the head of an old woman in a wheelchair, or Catherine Deneuve making out with Fanny Ardant as they wrestle on the lobby floor.

TheSecond P (es) wrote: A groundbreaking performance by Kevin Bacon

Andrew H (kr) wrote: Not as good as the novel because it's not long enough and it lacks special effects. However, it was a good idea for Anthony Horowitz to adapt it into a film.

Faisal A (ca) wrote: I have no idea what makes this movie a classic. Where is Jason Voorhess, the hockey-masked killer of Camp Crystal Lake, when you really need him?