The Silence

The Silence

"The Silence" is about the emotional distance between two sisters. The younger one is still attractive enough to pick up a lover in a strange city. The older one -- even though she is very ill -- would like to make a human connection also but cannot leave the hotel room. Traveling with the sisters is a small boy who escapes into the hotel, meets a troupe of dwarfs. Which sister is this little boy's mother?

"The Silence" is about the emotional distance between two sisters. The younger one is still attractive enough to pick up a lover in a strange city. The older one -- even though she is very ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (ag) wrote: It's just a matter of when, one to find his place to fit in.Nothing wrong to call it an another version of 'Spare Parts', but it dealt with a different subject. It is a biographical-sport film, about a running race team involving seven high school students from one of the poorest towns in America, McFarland. But the tale begins with the coach Jim White, who finally arrives with his family there after got fired frequently in the other cities. Not intended to stay for a long period, but he has no other choice. He finds hard to fit in the society and get along with his students, but he manages to get going when he forms a team for the upcoming cross-country running race. So their journey puts the small town on the map.A very inspiring film, not just sports personalities, but anyone who wants to achieve in life should see it. So a must see film for the students and the youngsters. It is not just about the sport, but culture and society. The first act was an introduction, where and how everyone comes together was revealed. Followed by the middle part focused more on the game. Getting prepared for it and facing other troubles that stands obstacle to it. And finally in the third act, it kind of loses what originally intended as a theme, but brings the social matter into it before getting back to where it belongs to curtain.There was lots of modification in the cinema version compared to the original story. Characters, locations, events, all were kind of randomised from the actuality to the different timelines just to tell a good story. After all, this is a Disney film and Disney always seeks a decent family theme, yet it still remains true to the real. From the New Zealand director of 'Whale Rider' fame, another brilliant film. Apart from the super Kevin Costner and his family, the rest of the cast was so perfect. One of the best sport-dramas of the year and Disney done it again. You no need to analyse it to choose, just go for it and it won't disappoint you.8/10

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