The Silent Duel

The Silent Duel

A surgeon gets syphilis from a patient when he cuts himself during an operation. The doctor's life is destroyed, but unlike the patient, he doesn't destroy others along with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Silent Duel torrent reviews

Olly H (ca) wrote: kleiner horrorfilm der zwischenzeitlich spannung aufbaut aber am ende enttuscht

Lafe F (br) wrote: Great acting. The dialogue was interestingly written, but often unbelievable and written like a stage play. Randy Quaid's hitman character broke the lovable comic oafish type he normally plays (eg. Vacation movies, ID4, Quick Change). I appreciated the kid's losing streak throughout the story, when trying to escape his predicament. I watched eagerly to see what would happen when the hour ran out. I hate endings like that and didn't buy it, even though many of the events in the movie supported the resolution. Overall, interesting character piece.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: A very different kind of horror movie. Should've shown more of the people going crazy.

Palak B (ru) wrote: Preety good moral.. but really boring..

Chris Y (ru) wrote: poor movie,remake in the works...good true story though

Munna J (jp) wrote: what a love storythe best of best

Francisco A (ru) wrote: One of the classic horror road trip films of the last decade.

Hervey T (jp) wrote: Funny movie! That's all I have to say. I love the simplicity of this movie, yet it turns out to be very engaging and it made me laugh. This is not your usual story that you'd expect. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Not to mention it stars one of my favorite actresses, Kyoka Suzuki in one of her early lead roles.

Dylan W (mx) wrote: Five stars because of its artistic bravery. This film is raw, candid, and some would call border-line child pornography. Thats exactly what makes this movie so great, its brutal honesty. You are simply ignorant if you believe this content doesn't exist among teenagers and young adults. Its bold and brave , not the most entertaining but everything else makes up for that.


Sullivan L (fr) wrote: Techine is at his best here. A great cast.

Joel A (au) wrote: I am huge U2 fan...and as movie this isn't's really just a music journey/doco, but a good one at that. It captures an interesting time in the bands career, the turbulent success of the Joshua Tree album and growing of themselves to get to what becomes the Rattle and Hum album. This presents some key parts of the carrer and some fantastic live performances but I doubt people who aren't into U2 would get alot out of it...

Mary Kathryn P (ca) wrote: Hepburn and Tracey show no less than utter perfection once more in this fun and cute film. The dialogue and story is as witty and charming as ever and the acting the best Hollywood can offer. My only complaint is that it moves through the story too fast without giving us a chance to fully fall for these couples.

Aprile F (ru) wrote: An OK movie..definitely not one of my favorites. I found sort of boring at times. I think there's only so many times I can watch people fly planes for half of the movie.

Nikhil E (de) wrote: GOD This movie was awesome... Ignore every reviews here... If it's a Punisher film there must be more violence and less talk. This movie has it all! Sure the movie feels cheesy at times... but forget it and watch it as a true Punisher fan and you will like the violence bit in it...

Henry S (br) wrote: Wow. That was horrific. And not in a fun way. From failed jump scares to the hammy acting of the "dance mom" lead. What could have been a mearly poor film with an interesting premice, becomes a very difficult thing to watch. Pretty good practical effects.