The Sin

The Sin

A woman is stranded on a remote island after a shipwreck, where she is rescued by a lonely man who hasn't had contact with any woman for years and forces her to have a relationship with him. They finally become wife and husband..

A nun falls in love with her patient, who happens to be a communist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikhail B (ca) wrote: Rather interesting that an Edison-time bulb continued to live until now. Generally, the film is supposed to be about consumer society and what fuels it, but too few facts had been gathers to prove the conspiracy theory of the author.

Alex T (us) wrote: Fish out of water comedy that is more cringeworthy than genuinely hilarious, there are moments when the farce almost feels forced. Despite this, there is still a heart warming message behind it all, and moments of wonderful comedy that make You Should Meet My Son! I a fun film that anybody with a relatively open mind can enjoy.

Angela D (br) wrote: excelente pelcula! me gusta los colores y cinematogrfico

Tim W (us) wrote: I don't understand the appeal of this movie, it's as if all the reviewers have watched something else. To me it felt like the movie was muffled somehow, like I was seeing it underwater. Clive Owen is wooden, there is no spark or drama, everything looks dreary. It models itself on Noir movies but ends up feeling like a school play as it just does not have the atmosphere or characters to pull this off.In the end it's a boring movie about unlikable people.

Amanda R (gb) wrote: True to Vonnegut's story!

Roshan S (br) wrote: i watch this movie many times wheni was in school age.

Jesse F (us) wrote: A nearly by-the-numbers "Halloween" rip-off. The music is almost identical and some scenes are even re-created but it entertains in it's own right.

Felix B (mx) wrote: I am willing to call it a masterpiece - The 400 Blows of British cinema, this is a film that perfectly captures Britain during the reign of Thatcher, and its crudeness and vulgarity is not style but plain and simple truth.