The Singing Princess

The Singing Princess

A snake charmer's genie helps rescue his master's sweetheart (Princess Zeila) from a wicked Sheikh.

A snake charmer's genie helps rescue his master's sweetheart (Princess Zeila) from a wicked Sheikh. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fong K (ca) wrote: Intercutting scenes from a fond romantic past and the marriage at the brink of sudden brutal death, Derek Cianfrance attempts to dissect an achingly complex relationship to understand his own parents' breakup. And, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling deliver magnificent performances that simply rip hearts.

AK W (fr) wrote: This movie was very fun. Another masterpiece from director Edgar Wright. I loved this movie lol. It is fun, original, and, most important of all - funny.

Sydney W (br) wrote: THE ANIME DOES NO JUSTICE TO THE MANGA!!!!!!! =REEEAAADDD THE MAAANNNGAA= ((seriously if you thought this was good the manga will COMPLETELY BLOW YOUR MIND))

Brad H (au) wrote: THE VERDICT? I'd almost forgot about Nic Cage's unhinged, bad cop performance in this compelling TV-Movie style thriller. Clearly acted as the inspiration for his similar character in Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans. I don't mind because both are great! An interesting style of direction, with long, panning shots that follow the characters around for several minutes at a time. There's also fun little screen gimmicks like it spliting in two and going over several different hotel rooms one after the other. The camera also acts as a first person view on several occasions. Very retro feeling. Otherwise this is a quite mundane conspiracy film which is great at times but spoilt at others by a poor pacing and a daft ending.

Paul D (nl) wrote: A bit of a war movie, a bit of a western, it doesn't suffer too much from it's lack of identity and is a pleasant watch with two capable stars.

Tommy D (au) wrote: Adventureland is a great post-high school teenage drama that feels incredibly authentic.It portrays wonderfully the troubled and hormones-conditioned life of its characters in their early twenties, trying without success not to mess things up.I'm still not convinced of the appropriateness of Jesse Eisenberg for this role, even though he did great. I'll never doubt the appropriateness of Kristen Stewart, that proves once again that she's always among the positive aspects of her movies.

Toni S (de) wrote: Perfectly made romantic comedy. The casting is superb.

Ben G (au) wrote: It isn't laugh out loud hilarious but it is pretty entertaining.