The Single Standard

The Single Standard

A bored socialite finds fleeting romance with an artist.

The wealthy Arden Stuart is bored in a party; after refusing the wedding proposal of Tommy Hewlett, she drives her car with her driver to a lonely place. She has one night stand with him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rob o (ca) wrote: What a load of shite! Lol

Barry C (ca) wrote: It's the movie brought to life. It even fills in some of the gaps left by the movie. If you can't get to an actual showing of the musical, this is the next best thing.

Jobin B (us) wrote: amazing and sweet film!

Private U (ag) wrote: I don't know anything about this movie, but I bet my daughter's friend would love it.

scott g (au) wrote: a very low budget british effort, a amature film concerning a criminal checking into room 36, for a deal, with a bit of mistaken identity involved, not entirely cutting edge or original, in fact plot is probely weakest part along with awful dubbing, but someone did get of there arse to make a film for little or no money, and i respect that, it will be there calling card, although i heard the filmmaker made a film in 80s revenge of billy the kid, so not sure where he stands, there are some nice touches , and some amusing moments, and along with 10 dead men and colin, a film ive seen recently from the u.k, where money has been streched to the limit

Stephanie K (au) wrote: It will make you laugh til you cry then cry til you think and then think somemore. Reservation life and brothers on opposite ends of the spectrum make this a must see film.

Eric P (jp) wrote: This film was rather awful.

Stephen S (br) wrote: Longer than it needs to be, and sappy/predictable at times, but overall really enjoyable. I liked how Costner's character was reflecting on his career throughout the game. I feel that very few baseball movies show the pitcher alone on the mound with his thoughts. It's usually pretty rare. All in all, this is a good, likable baseball film. Worth seeing if you're a legitimate baseball fan.

Cresswell S (ca) wrote: true story of aging lawman trying to keep his old west ways alive.

Lucas M (ag) wrote: Italianamerican is a interesting and intimate experience with the Scorsese family, funny and unique.

Jose (us) wrote: El principio estuvo bien pero luego la trama paso un tanto desapercibida y asta podia llegar a aburrir pero el final nadie se lo esperaba

DanetteDani A (us) wrote: Loved it. Sexy and sly.

Jon F (de) wrote: This maybe not the best of Universal's Monster movies but it's still dame good and fun to watch.

Donnie D (au) wrote: James Stewart is by far one of my favorite 'old school' actors. I must admit i had no idea this was a musical, if I had i wouldn't have watched it, because generally speaking i LOATHE musicals...but this movie was 4.5 stars in my book. It was a wonderful feel good movie & it had a heartwarming story, wonderful dialogue & a great ending. Classic!

Philippe O (ca) wrote: Bette Davis in one of her most intense roles is a tour-de-force. She gives a performance as gut-wrenching as it is memorable; a storyline so clich feels brand new again. The film does appear as a vehicle for its lead, yet it remains a powerful whole.

lachlan k (au) wrote: Sometimes, unfairly seen as just aardman's warm up for the plasticene duo's feature length outing great though it is and overlooked by pixar's victory lap during the early 2000's chicken run is still a landmark in British film and animation. Nick park and peter lord have lost none of their skill in the transition to features with some brilliant jibes at society ("land of the brave and home of the free" "Scotland!" "No America") and the great escape parody. But it's also surprisingly compelling for a film about chickens while Park does what made the duo so popular, keeping it british. Aardman work a great deal longer for so much less reward than pixar which sometimes makes them feel like the underdogs of animation. But mabey that's whats so likable about them. Their very much like their characters, little guys in a big scary world that get their in the end with a lot of work and a lot of brains. Mary that's why we root for them in the same way.

Larry (au) wrote: Another great fantasy about the King!

Alex A (us) wrote: Michael Mann's daughter is directing and Mann himself is producing count me in!

Alexander C (us) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.