The Sinners of Hell

The Sinners of Hell

A group of sinners involved in interconnected tales of murder, revenge, deceit and adultery all meet at the Gates of Hell.

A group of sinners involved in interconnected tales of murder, revenge, deceit and adultery all meet at the of Gates of Hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikael K (kr) wrote: Gong Li and John Cusack star in Mikael Hfstrm's stylish period drama set in Shanghai during the fateful days of WWII preceding and following Pearl Harbor. "Shanghai" reaches a tone that finds a balance between the noir romanticism of the setting and the historical realism surrounding the events depicted. It's not a particularly memorable movie, but it does what it does with style and grace. This is a clearly adequate outing from Hfstrm, a director whose uneven expression hasn't really found its form yet.

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Jeffrey P (gb) wrote: The first forty minutes of "Burma" don't have a lot of obstacles or surprises, but once things go badly, the story gets a lot more compelling. Flynn is solid here, as is most of the cast. Comedy relief George Tobias gets a lot of the good lines, and does well with them. Beautiful photography as usual from James Wong ("Citizen Kane") Howe, and Franz Waxman serves up a rousing march you might still be humming at film's end. The war was still going on when this film was released, so be prepared for a lot of racial slurs in the dialogue.

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