The Sky's on Fire

The Sky's on Fire

The ozone is depleted and as a result of this all sorts things are happening like lethal insects flying around. A scientist tries to warn everybody about this but no one seems to believe ...

The ozone is depleted and as a result of this all sorts things are happening like lethal insects flying around. A scientist tries to warn everybody about this but no one seems to believe ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (it) wrote: I remember watching The Moomins in the very late '90s. I have to say i was very surprised when I discovered this film because of the weak publicity but also because it was in 2D! It's one of the strongest adaptations made in the 21st Century as it gets what was so special about the books and why people live these characters.The plot is simple but funny, the characters are strong and the whole film is very charming :)

Dan M (au) wrote: There's no way to ease into this review so I will come straight out and say that this movie is terrible. There is nothing vaguely resembling a cohesive story, the acting is atrocious, the special effects is laughable and there is no "horror" in this supposed horror movie. I am guessing the Director (and I use that term very loosely) is a Quentin Tarantino fan as he really tries to play up the over the top violence (and fails). He must also be a closet pervert, why else would he need to include the activities of a kidnapper/murderer/rapist/child killer character throughout the story? He is shown doing the kidnapping, killing, raping in graphic detail - thankfully though, the child killing is only discussed and not shown.Perversions aside, there is no "bite" to the zombies. Instead of showing zombies attacking and biting and gnawing and chewing people, zombies are shown attacking and then the scenes are cut. Huh? Showing young girls being brutalized and raped is OK but zombies "doing their thing" is not? Clearly there is a problem here. What we are left with is aftermath shots of zombies pulling and eating sausages out of bodies. Great.If you haven't seen this movie, don't. There is a far superior zombie program on television called "The Walking Dead" that I recommend for getting your zombie fix. I also strongly recommend to the Director of this horrible feature, Joe Chien to stop making zombie movies until he has studied "The Walking Dead" as well.

gabriel s (gb) wrote: Disney has brought a lot of intertainment but over confidence for this movie which brought Disney so far out.

Chris (es) wrote: I'll give it this: Never saw a movie where a baby gets run over AND a boy get drive-by chainsawed.

Geoffrey T (au) wrote: If you enjoyed playing Fatal Frame, then you'll like this movie! Be mindful of what you see in the camera. :D

Ollie W (it) wrote: A study of a family in grief, Winterbottom's Genova is well acted and directed, sumptuously examining the backstreets of the Italian city, gloriously dropping the action in front of a series of rickety streets, beautiful beaches and stifling roads. Nonetheless, Winterbottom's film has very little content, it's ultimately a series of cliches, handpicked from any other movie that is epitomized by a tragic death; freakish drawings, the ever-present ghost, the wild, sexual abandon of the older daughter. This is unoriginal material, tied loosely into an improvised narrative arch that culminates in a somewhat disappointing busy road set-piece always threatening to tip into utter melodrama and farce. Well-meaning perhaps, but sadly, in the end, another dreary effort from Indie Cinema's least successful Artist.

James H (ag) wrote: What a dumb comedy. Silly, exaggerated and never very amusing. I lost interest early on. The acting from the cast is too extreme, the score is awful.

Leah M (gb) wrote: Jon Davis in in this move...Ugh he's so hot!!!!!

Andrei D (it) wrote: E ca un fel de film de introducere pentru o tona de actori englezi si acum destul de bine cunoscuti

Stephen C (kr) wrote: Who was Stanley Kubrick?Well if you read the media view,he was a reclusive hermit , who was demanding of actors took loads of takes to get what he wanted and who's films are long and souless .If like me however you feel he was a genius who's films shaped a genaration of filmakers and changed the way we look at film then this documentary is for you.Kubrick was a perfectionist thats true,but just look at say 2001 and that perfection pays off in spades.Several directors including Spielberg,Scorsese and Woody Allen discuss Kubrick brilliant career and actors including Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson share their memories of working with a genius.The film also shows how devoted a family man Kubrick was and how that was the most important thing in his life bar filmaking.The film does allow some criticism of his works and tries to put paid to some of those rumours which were bandided about when Kubrick was off the scene for 10 years.But most of all we get loads of photos and unseen footage from the sets of his greatest works .From Peter Sellers loaded down with cameras on the set of Dr Strangelove ,to Kubrick giving Shelley Duval a hard time on the set of the Shining.The film shows us too that some 12 years after his death his loss has become all the more powerful as unrealised projects such As Napoleon and the Aryan Papers show.

Dan M (es) wrote: Possibly the most imaginative farce you'll ever see. Special kudos for the retro imagery in all its forms here. Essential Allen, way outside the box, and a near-believable documentary.

Lacey B (ru) wrote: I watched almost every Martin and Lewis movie as a kid

Kayla N (de) wrote: older version of You've Got Mail

Stephen M (br) wrote: Ok, it's not very good. It certainly isn't a patch on Funny Girl. But it has a particular place in my heart because I was a teenager when it came out and Streisand was the biggest star in America at the time. In fact, her musical theater song HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET was played on the radio all the time and it was a big seller - that just doesn't happen. It's always pop and rock on the charts, not musical theater. And yet she was so beloved and so popular that this show tune penned by Kander and Ebb was on the charts. That's not nothing. Now, about Funny Lady. I love it. It's got great production values, amazing costumes by Bob Mackie, some very clever dialogue (also some silly dialogue about toothbrushes that only a fine actor could carry off, and no matter what you may think of her, Streisand is a fine actor). The musical numbers are peppy (and HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET and GREAT DAY are simply glorious). Yet, the movie feels contrived and incomplete. It doesn't have the heart or the simpatico that the original had. It feels false much of the time (especailly when looking at some of Barbra's wigs). Yet there will be fans like me who love the movie, either because of Barbra or because of nostalgia or because it is glitzy and pretty. It is not, though, something that I think people will enjoy if they aren't Streisand fans. It is that specific. I think that the only people who will like this picture are Streisand fans - nobody else. Sometimes, though, not even them.

Qi Z (ca) wrote: An excellent war movie of "them versus us". The ethics question is asked but never answered directly.

Andrew B (ag) wrote: The first time I watched this movie it was a bad cut available for free on amazon prime. After hearing it praised as better than Suspiria (which I scoffed at) I searched for a better version of the movie. While it is not better than Suspiria it still is a very good movie. I felt that there were some key moments cut that made the film make more sense I noticed that the opening scene was far longer and added much more story. While I certainly enjoyed this uncut version I still feel that the movie added bug power never really does much.