The Slaughter

The Slaughter

A turn of the century ritual to raise the feminine evil goes horribly awry and leaves a she demon dormant on the ceremonial grounds. Sixty years later a young couple moves into a house built on the ancient grounds and their daughter's murder leaves the house abandoned for yet another forty years. Now, six fun loving college students are hired to clean up the house for a greedy real estate mogul who plans to sell it for a large profit. They unwittingly awake the demon and only the ultimate sacrifice can save the world from a future of unspeakable evil.

When six college students take a job cleaning up an abandoned house their plans to work hard by day and play hard by night are interrupted when they awake an ancient evil demon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David Y (ru) wrote: Great coming of age comedy? Believable characters and set pieces. Very funny throughout.

Bryan I (jp) wrote: SPOILER ALERT let's save everyone some time was the old prospector and he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids... God, I ALWAYS hated this cartoon show. Who were the moronic kids that this was aimed at?

Brian P (br) wrote: On the road to nowhere. I'm about half way there but so far it's just a bit dull. Filming some books is probably pointless without a story that is going to work on screen, and this one doesn't. It's not engaging, and I can't identify with any of the characters, though the performances are fairly good in the circumstances, and it looks good so...I might just watch it through. If there's a message then maybe it's that the road is escape. Keep moving and you don't have to face your realities, but you can't stay on the road forever. I've not read the book in many years but could imagine doing so again. I don't expect to watch this film again.

Elena S (kr) wrote: It s farce but touching. Besides it has my favorite composer Goran Bregovic in it:)

Greg A (nl) wrote: A retrospective of early 1970's drug culture in North America in the most stylish way possible.

(ag) wrote: So we're just realizing now that Rocky isn't that great? It's a strange world alright.

Harry W (kr) wrote: Any film entitled Eegah isn't difficult to predict as being a crap movie, and if the viewer can get past the ordeal of the cheap and repetitively horrible opening credits then they are miracle workers. Seriously, no joke. Eeegah is a phrase you're going to want to shout out in rage when sitting through this crap as a reaction to it, but mentioning the word will bring back bad memories to a time when you watched it.The poor audio quality becomes apparent fast within the intro credits of Eegah since the same basic base note his heard again and again beyond the point where it's been dead for 50 years. But when I say bad, I mean all throughout the film there is a crackling or burning sound in the background and all of the dialogue sounds poorly dubbed, and when people are talking the script used is lackluster and ridiculous and the actors couldn't use it to do anything less than annoy the audience.Watching Eager was painful because it was so horrible and boring and crappy and directionless that watching it is a greater challenge than finding the Loch Ness monster. It was painfully bad to watch and seriously is one of the worst films in existence, and it never even decides on a genre, since it has elements of comedy, drama, romance and horror without ever settling on one, Eegah doesn't understand itself any better than any person stupid enough to sit through this overlong 90-minute disaster. I'm unfortunately one of those people, and yes, Eegah is a boring disgrace with the credibility of Richard Nixon and is less entertaining for its badness than it is infectious with a serious case of cancer. Stay away from Eegah, I have never been this bored in a film or in writing a review, but Eegah managed to change both of that. Just read the plot and stop there, don't make the same mistake I did.

Alex K (us) wrote: 1931's Dracula Is One Of My Favorite Films.

John S (ca) wrote: A rather scathing Lance Armstrong story - what a surprise.Starting off with Armstrong's introduction to the holy grail of cycling, Le Tour de France, "The Program" wastes little time developing character, but instead jumps cannonball style into the chemical pool. It's very simple poetry: to compete, you have to cheat; and young Lance hops on board. The rest is well documented history: a brutal fight with testicular cancer, a miraculous recovery, some balls jokes, seven Tour victories, cancer foundation glory, millions of dollars, the fall from grace, the end.Telling nothing we don't know, "The Program" relies on documenting the most sensational scandal of sports doping history in a methodical, well-paced manner. And as juicy as the story may be, the film fails to generate anything in way of sympathy, outrage or tension. We don't really get to know who the hell Lance Armstrong is, where he came from, how he compared with his chief rivals (Jan Ullrich is not even mentioned), and what his personal life was like (we see a quick marriage and glimpses of kids, but nothing else)."The Program" is so Lance centered that it lives and dies with its lead. Ben Foster does an admirable job as the stoic cyclist, but his deadpan performance is as lifeless as Armstrong's public persona. There is never any depth revealed, nor hinted at.Recommended for those not familiar with the crazy tale, if such an audience exists.- hipCRANK