The Sleep Curse

The Sleep Curse

“The King of Gore” Herman Yau returns with a gruesome tale that follows the cursed life of a young translator who collaborated with the enemy during Japan’s wartime occupation. He is tormented by guilt after turning his back on the comfort women who were mercilessly murdered. Forty-five years later, his sin comes back to haunt his son, a professor specializing in sleeping disorders who begins a terrible experiment to exorcise his father’s ghost.

In 1990| Neurologist Lam Sik-ka and his former flame suffer from the generational sleep curse that rooted in their both families war engagement during World War Two.
Lam Sik-ka tries to save her flame from the grudge that made by a soothsayer's single-eyed daughter who was victimized by their fathers during the time of Japanese
occupation in Hong Kong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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