The Slumber Party Massacre

The Slumber Party Massacre

An 18-year-old high school girl is left at home by her parents and decides to have a slumber party. Meanwhile, a mass murderer with a propensity for power tools has escaped from prison, and eventually makes his way to the party where the guests begin dropping off one by one.

An eighteen-year-old high school girl is left at home by her parents and she decides to have a slumber party. There is friction between some of the invited guests and the new girl, who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dsire S (mx) wrote: Great action sequences - especially the vegas ones - but storyline is below par.

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Probably the first gay film I've seen in years that I actually enjoyed. Actually one of the rare ones that I actually watched the whole thing. Yeah, there were some cliches/stereotypes going on but this one was really smart and well-acted. A pleasant surprise.

Kelly K (de) wrote: This was funny, sexy, and very interesting. It did feel like it was dragging along at times. But other than that it was a decent watch.

Nader O (ag) wrote: Evolution is the greatest show on Earth

Jayden (ag) wrote: i love this move a lot

Andy C (ru) wrote: It's kind of interesting, but. . .not THAT interesting.

shanul h (br) wrote: Mildly interesting but visually pleasing futuristic love story.

Denise A (it) wrote: This movie is so wierd but good! Very interesting storyline. Nicolas Cage directing is subperb! James Franco played Sonny to the T.

Kimberly W (ca) wrote: I love this movie! It's just so darn cute!

Christopher S (de) wrote: Judd Nelson is nutcase whose father was a cop. His cop father used to abuse him when he was a kid when he messed up doing cop exercises. Nelson was a reject from the LAPD academy & that drove him over the edge. He became a "goddamn phonebook killer." He'd dial the victims' number & if they answered, he'd hang up. The first victim didn't answer so he left a message: "I called to see if you were home, I have to kill you tonight." He'd then go kill them later on & leave the page of the phonebook with their number laying on or by the victim with a taunting message. When he killed them, he'd have them assist him killing themselves by putting their hands around the murder victim, like they were committing suicide. He'd ask a few "what was it like?(to kill themselves)" because in the end, that's ultimately what he wanted. He wanted to kill himself but couldn't do it so he started killing people in hopes that the cops would find him in the end & kill him. If you read the the last phonebook page message at the end, it reads "Thank you."This was a great thriller. Full of suspense. Seeing Leo Rossi as a good guy/smart ass cop was great. He teamed with Robert Loggia. They both had amazing on-screen chemistry as partners. William Lustig makes one of his blatant cameos. I loved it. So obvious that it was him...again. :)I definitely recommend this one. Jay Chattaway does the score as well. Sadly, Larry Cohen didn't write & produce it. That doesn't stop it from being a really rad movie though.

morris r (ag) wrote: My favorite spy and Richard Burton movie!!

Timothy A (jp) wrote: Shows its age and badly; despite characters constantly referring to the Argentine setting there's no effort to make the backlot look it, and the subtlest of intentions are generally screamed to the back row. Through it all, there's still a decent romantic/psychological drama underneath.

Antonius B (fr) wrote: Clark Gable dials up the 1934 beefcake with his shirt off in one seen, and Colbert famously stops a car while hitchhiking by revealing her leg, but the movie is quite innocuous, and is better known for essentially being the blueprint for romantic comedies to this day. Colbert is a spoiled, rich heiress who runs away from her family (actually starting this by jumping off a yacht and swimming away from them). Gable is a newspaper reporter who's been fired. They find each other on a crowded train, and are forced to sit together. They hate one another at first, but after spending time on a couple of busses, a car, in the haystack together, and in a hotel room divided by a clothesline with a blanket hanging over it ... well, you get the idea. At one point he carries her across a stream caveman style, over his shoulder, and gives her a swat on the behind as they debate what constitutes a piggyback ride. They confuse each other's motivations and split at the end, Colbert off to wed another (and in a very pretty dress), but we all know where it's heading, and this one is complete with a 'runaway bride' scene. I don't know if the movie was worthy of sweeping the Academy Awards (and Colbert herself didn't think much of it), but it's still sharp with its dialog, and quite entertaining. Aside from the main story line, it has a nice 'Capra' touch in having everyone on a bus (including the driver) singing verses of 'The Man on the Flying Trapeze' to pass the time. I also smiled over this interchange after Gable's character had tossed some newspapers off the bus to make space for his seat:Bus driver: "Oh, fresh guy, huh? What you need is a good sock in the nose."Clark Gable: "Listen pardner, you might like my nose, but I do. I always wear it out in the open, where if anyone wants to take a sock at it, they can do it.""Oh, yeah?""Now that's a brilliant answer. Why didn't I think of it? Our conversation could have been over long ago.""Oh, yeah?""You keep that up, we're not going to get anywhere.""Oh, yeah?""Ya got me. Yeah!" (to chuckling from the other passengers)

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Brian H (de) wrote: Those who slammed Stallone for looking ridiculous in the Judge outfit now owes him an apology. In comparison to Urban's smaller head being stuffed into an oversized helmet, coupled with straining to hold the ever-present Dredd snarl, makes Sly seem perfect for the role after all. The best part of this movie is the female partner's ultra-cool mental ability to bring baddies into her turf - the mind. I also never seem to tire of guns that shoot an unlimited number of bullets.

Don S (nl) wrote: Another strong performance from DiCaprio bolsters this slowly paced drama directed by Clint Eastwood. Hoover is a man strong on values and nearly encyclopedic knowledge, neither of which lends to a good story telling vehicle. Instead of a linear story, which I would have preferred, we get snippets of history interspersed with present day happenings in the Nixon era. I enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed it much more if it were not so long and had more meat with the sides.

Eva B (br) wrote: A rockstar mom, coming home to see her estranged children in their time of need, is a plot with so much potential, but it was handled in the wrong way, with Streep, giving a great performance as always but she lacked the true edginess that Ricki should have possessed. It was really tried to take itself seriously but it was so ridiculous that I almost didn't think this movie was legit. I sincerely hope that hollywood makes a movie with a similar plot like I had mentioned before, but use it properly and with a more believable scenario.