The Smell of Success

The Smell of Success

When a tragic accident ends the life of Mr. Rose, the genius behind Rose's Manure Company, the livelihood of its loyal fleet of salesmen threatens to go, as they say, into the toilet. Enter estranged daughter Rosemary, a high-class- cosmetics salesgirl, who steps in to take control. She is not sure she has a nose for the family business, but she is determined to make foul into profit. Little does she know that a ruthless, slick-talking fertilizer rep is plotting a takeover. Whether she likes it or not, she must trust her top salesman, Patrick Fitzpatrick, to devise a plan to regain Rose's rightful position on top of the heap.

A comedy about manure salesmen in 1960s heartland America. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt S (au) wrote: Dia Sokol's directorial debut stays true to her mumblecore roots. Not much happens here, but it held my attention all the way through. For me, this had everything to do with the lead actors (Austin's own Wiley Wiggins and an extraordinarily perfect performance from Kenya Miles). I have a feeling most people will hit eject on this one early, but it charmed me.

bill s (mx) wrote: This is suppose to be a comedy right?If it is it is an unfunny one.

Chantal L (ca) wrote: Beautifully rendered short animation film. The story iteslf is quite sad. And the fact that the director comes off as an a-hole is both amusing and even sadder.

Ivan R (ca) wrote: I can't believe someone actually made fecal matter look cute.

JH K (au) wrote: Puro Woody Allen, again and again.

Robert M (br) wrote: While maybe not necessarily directed/cut that well (especially compared to Crichton's Jurassic Park), it still represents another neat and cleverly thought-out fictional journey. I personally thought the primates didn't look too fake to me whatsoever as some other people have said. Some parts may have been a bit slow, but most of the overall structure of the film didn't seem to compromise the story too much.

Jerry S (nl) wrote: Boooring. (Moaning). MOst boring film I have seen a while. Shitty green screen scenes and everything was dull.

Philip L (au) wrote: A film of 2 halves. The less interesting start with the contrived time travel storyline explained badly by a painting within a painting - don't ask me - leading into a fairly amusing fish out of water caper. The second half is where it get's very dark indeed and much more interesting...momma!

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When we have to make the most of this self made world, to become self made hit men. When what we make of ourselves is other things when we are out to make a dollar. When what makes us who we are is our past mistakes and whatever we are good at that we can do to make an dishonest day's living. When making a honest living, we stay out of, but close enough to finance those whom do the dirty work. When we are self made hit men when that's all we believe, and know what to do to make an American living. When others make of themselves either as liars, story tellers or pawns, we make the best opportunity to capitalize. When making others take the fall to gain a profit is just in the cards we do and run out fast. When we make others natural fools and take the hit when they didn't do snything, had it coming along time ago and they got a pass. When we make ourselves smart, getting away with murder and cash, we have something soon coming to us. When we make our lives more difficult and others lives more difficult to live. When we make ourselves visible, open to the public and an open target, we naturally get caught and others get killed. When what we make of ourselves from others, we can't get away when there is a price on our head from those you can't screw over. When we have to make the choice of betraying others to save ourselves, we make the smart decision. When we are made a fool of, made to do something, made to pay the price for our actions, we naturally get killed. When what we make of ourselves in this place we call the American Dream, this place we call home, we live all as one, we make the best of this dismal life and become hit men, made to existinquish the scum whom threaten to rust and carode civilization. When we are naturally Made in America.