The Smoke

The Smoke

City lawyer Brad Walker (Matt di'Angelo) is having the worst day of his life. His high-maintenance girlfriend Sasha (Anna Passey) has left him for his so-called friend Tom (Christian Brassington) and to add insult to injury, he's been fired too. On a night out drowning his sorrows with old friend Dean (Jeff Leach), he overhears a conversation between Phil (Darren Ripley) and Ben (Stephen Marcus) - two drug dealers working for small-time gangster Jack (Alan Ford) - that will change his life forever...

Lawyer Brad Walker is having a very bad day. His girlfriend Sasha has run off with his best mate and he's been fired. While drowning his sorrows with an old friend, Brad overhears a conversation between two drug dealers. In a moment of madness Brad decides to steal thousands of pounds from their boss Jack, a notorious gangster who will stop at nothing to get his money back. 48 hours in the life of a burnt-out City lawyer who loses his job, falls for a call girl and steals £400,000 from a gangland boss - who wants every penny of it back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (us) wrote: its given away very early on that it want to be Beverly Hills Cop, and sadly it follows that to the end, with all the gimmicks and jokes of something thats 30 years old.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Oh GOD!!! OH GOD!!!! This is so f#cked up! I mean it! The best part is that it can get entertaining at some points! ROFL!!!!!!!!! You won't believe how bad a movie can get. :D 23/100

Darb R (ru) wrote: Maybe it's my age-where my life was at the time-or some combination, but I LOVE this movie. It is cute, quirky, entertaining all wrapped together. It's not a movie that makes you contemplate the meaning of life (though I guess it could), its just a fun movie!

Connor G (fr) wrote: Cute, and really good to see Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau together again.

Jessica H (us) wrote: it's the little moments that make this film as good as it is.

Christine M (au) wrote: Love all her movies!

Juli N (fr) wrote: Huge Disappointment!

Mark S (jp) wrote: Recommended by Augustine.

Gordon I (ru) wrote: Beautiful film. I would love to see it in a decent print, though.

Mike P (fr) wrote: Watch it for the guy with the drawn-on eyebrows, he's pretty creepy.

Claudia X (ag) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed the India/Siddhartha storyline. Beautiful cinematography. But somehow the modern day storyline does not weave into the whole film and fell flat.

David W (it) wrote: A realistic look at World War 1, Paths of Glory manages to be faithful of it's source material with Kirk Douglas's Amazing Performance

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch