The Snails

The Snails

“Les Escargots” is a short film by René Laloux . The film was created in 1965 entirely through the use of stop motion. It is an animation and has no dialouge, instead it has a emotive soundtrack which I enjoyed and which I felt made there no need for dialouge.

  • Category:Fantasy
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:France
  • Director:René Laloux
  • Writer:René Laloux, Roland Topor

A gardener tries his best to make his salad plants grow. It is only when he cries that his tears finally water the field and the salads grow huge. The incredible size attracts a multitude ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine B (au) wrote: my 7 year old daughters love it

Paul D (us) wrote: Somewhat obscure but alluring in its premise, however the last half hour of the film just gets weird - obviously relatively to the weird stuff that's gone before.

Danny T (kr) wrote: I love disaster films and found this particular film really good. The plot is good with a lot of twists and turns. There is a fair amount of action to keep the viewer interested. I would recommend this film.

Tatyana T (ag) wrote: after years on top as an actor & director, this is the best and most beautiful, inspiring, touching message Til Schweiger's ever sent.

Nelson P (jp) wrote: It is what it is. You really cant blame this movie on Russell Crowe or Meg Ryan, but the atrocious screen writer and the studio that allowed this to be made.

Agustin M (jp) wrote: It's a Spanish E.T. rip-off. A kid finds an alien egg in a cave and it soon hatches into the E.T. rip-off known as Trumpy, who has the body of Alf and the head of an ant-eater. While the kid gets along with Trumpy, Trumpy's mother goes off killing anyone in her way, while looking for her son. To stop the killing, the kid must re-unite Trumpy with his mom before things get worse. Originally meant to be an alien invasion movie, it was changed at the last minute to cash in on the success of E.T. The movie is poorly pace, they're too many characters that doesn't contribute to the movie, and the acting is horrendous. And then there's a stupid musical number in a recording booth that doesn't make much sense, you'll be wondering what does the lyrics have to do with the other lyrics(It's all gibberish). Just like "Manos" and "The Final Sacrifice," I found this movie through "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Just skip it. *NOTE-This is the first review on this movie in this site, both critic and user. Funny, I thought there would have been more since it's a popular movie among MST3K fans.*

Randy P (au) wrote: A film that handles a very disturbing subject with a lot of care.

Greg G (kr) wrote: Cole Trickle was clueless technically but this ones all about the racing and you gotta love that!

Michael W (es) wrote: Very good story line. Simple and sweet put together and delivered without finishing the whole story, leaving room for a sequel if public acceptance would call for it. Great family orientated movie but, the heart strings needed played earlier and somewhat more if they really wanted a part two.

hugh j (jp) wrote: james woods at his menacing best what else do i need to say.

Tristan F (mx) wrote: Scenes of the titular animal sport are nasty as hell, but this Monte Hellman sleeper is buoyed by the charismatic, weathered presence of Warren Oates in the lead.

Ryan M (us) wrote: While understandably unpalatable to critics, Grandma's Boy does precisely what it sets out to do: Provide its loyal bouldered audience with familiar, semi-witty, self-referential one-liners.

Pavinder A (fr) wrote: Excellent movie.Pro: landscape, situation, tension, cinematographyCon: very slow, no character development, no worthwhile underlying message