The Snow White Murder Case

The Snow White Murder Case

Beautiful Noriko Miki works at a cosmetic company. One day, Noriko is murdered. People begin to suspect her co-worker Miki Shirono might have killed her. Television begins to cover her story. A TV show interviews Miki Shirono's colleagues, family, people from her hometown. Rumors turn into fear. Is she a wicked a woman?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:126 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young woman who work at cosmetic company become a prime suspect,after her beautiful co-worker was murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Snow White Murder Case torrent reviews

Kang R (us) wrote: A good psychological thriller premise with a cheesy Rom-Com execution. The only thing worth check it out is the supporting acts.

Jesse B (nl) wrote: Okay a half star is an understatement about how bad this movie sucked.

Shantel D (it) wrote: I can't believe I actually sat through this whole movie.

Jamie G (es) wrote: Well, this was certainly a well made documentary, but it had a real "Michael Moore" feel to it. With that being said, if even half the information in this movie is true, our country is super duper shady. I would recommend seeing this once, but be prepared to be angry when it's over.

Amy C (gb) wrote: looks like it will be good.... or really not

Fenris U (br) wrote: A very touching coming-of-age story about a Canadian teenager who, having been raised by aging hippies, has no concept of real-world boundaries. When his parents take him out of home school and enroll him in a regular middle school, he becomes infatuated with his teacher and has trouble fitting in among the other students. It would seem as if this were cliche, but it manages to be something utterly new, and fits the title.

Marisa R (us) wrote: This was a pleasant surprise! I would consider this 'parallel' Indian cinemal. Not a musical, but more like a well-executed piece with very appropriate music and good performances. The movie is even short; I would have enjoyed a second part or a longer version. I craved for more of 'what happened next' as well as character interaction. Both Ash and Ajay are usually in way more commercial movies, but this time they gave something to those of us who like more cerebral Indian cinema. I would only criticize the lighting, as I felt it was not dark enough for the ambience the dialogues projected. This, for sure, fits in my kind of Bollywood.

intuciic (nl) wrote: great movie! idea was touching and warm

Rick R (ag) wrote: B. Monkey (1999)What is it about latin women that makes my heart skip a beat? Those dark eyes burn right through my grey eyes, to my very soul. And that attitude and passion scares the hell out of me. They don't even need to be all that beautiful, but when they are, it's a knock out. That's how I feel about Asia Argento. Ever since I saw her in XXX, I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. B. Monkey clinched it with those beautiful nude scenes.Well, that pretty much is what happened to Alan Furnace (Jared Harris), a mild-mannered 3rd grade grammar school teacher who sees Beatrice (Argento) AKA B. Monkey, in a pub, and is drawn to her. B. Monkey is a jewel thief, and the crowd that she hangs out with is pretty wild and crazy compared to the more sedate life of Alan's. She wants to get out of the business, and is drawn to Alan just as Alan is drawn to the excitement of B Monkey.Things start getting complicated when B.'s friends want her to do one last big score. This time Alan may get sucked into it. This is sort of a neo noir movie, in that a nice guy gets caught up with a femme fatale, but actually, everyone is going down in flames together. But, what a warm, fiery blaze! :-)

Grifty G (gb) wrote: Terrific Italian comedy, supposedly a parody of the French film Rififi, revolves around a group of small time criminals who decide to commit a big nighttime heist. They do their prep work, but anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Very entertaining, and very funny at times. I was struck by how the characters and situations could easily fit into a contemporary film, only to discover that this film has been remade twice for American audiences.I only had two complaints: 1) The squandered opportunity with the main antagonist, the jailed criminal who sets the plot in motion (I can't provide details that aren't spoilery)2) The criterion dvd has subtitles that occasionally literally flash onscreen and are gone, and I found myself having to rewind and pause several times to get all the dialogue. Do yourself a favor and watch Rififi and Big Deal on Madonna Street for a great double feature. Both are great films and really only share the plot device of a big heist, otherwise, they are very different but complimentary movies.

Skyler B (de) wrote: One of the best Allen movies ever made. Hands down.

Art L (it) wrote: An interesting psychological drama

Aubrey C (au) wrote: Although, it's not based on a fairy tale, Lady and the Tramp is a great love story and dog movie. My favorite scene is the iconic Bella Notte spaghetti scene . Beautiful and romantic. Plus, I think Bella Notte is a very pretty Disney song. Overall, it's one of Walt Disney's best!:)


Stuart B (mx) wrote: Its no secret that when in 2013 I first heard about a project called The Guvnors, I figured it was headed to be a pretty low budget UK crime drama, perhaps it would be about a crime family, perhaps another football violence movie. (nothing wrong with any of those guesses, low budget isn't bad, I love crime family dramas, and I have a few football violence movies on my DVD shelf even though I am not a football fan)Then came the trailer.Thats when I realised that I really was way off base with my initial article posted last year. On all counts.Opening with a scene that very much unnerved and shocked the viewer, its with this appearance of a battle scarred Adam (Harley Sylvester) that we are totally assured that 'The Guvnors' isnt a tale of how wonderful the world is, or how everyone is nice to each other. We are dropped firmly in the world where violence exists and knows no boundaries. This opening scene sets the film up perfectly and reminds us of things we read in the paper every few days. So is 'The Guvnors' about Adam, well yes and no. Because we are also shown the world of 'The Guvnors' through the eyes of Mitch (Doug Allen) who has put down his violent past and carved himself out a somewhat 'normal' family life with his wife and young son, who we also get an insight into as he discovers who he is but also learns who his father used to be.This is where the absolute genius of 'The Guvnors' shines brighter, taking us into a multi generational trip showing us the world on many levels, from child to young adult, to adult, to pensioner. All tying the story threads up brilliantly in its 95 or so minutes. There isnt a single frame or second of film here that isnt needed to drive the story or the characters and when you get to the end of the film and think "Damn I want another 90 minutes of this" then that perhaps is the best review someone can give for a film.There arent many films where you see an entire cast that is excellent. Not one single person out of place and not one line spoken where you think 'oh, that went wrong' I wont go through the list of the entire cast, You can see them for yourself by checking out the IMDB page Two performances that I have to talk about. Are that of Harley Sylvester (playing the role of Adam) and Charley Palmer Merkell (who played the role of Trey)The performance awards belong to these two guys. Charley is scary beyond belief, in a sort of way you'd cross the road to avoid walking past him in case a glance or a nod was taken the wrong way and he would bring you down in a second. Ive met people like Trey and he nailed it to absolute perfection, tip toeing the line between psychotic and calculating.I remember thinking "Charley Merkell has gone one hell of a future ahead" whilst watching the film, and then this morning I see that he is currently filming Legend with Tom Hardy.Now lets move onto Harley Sylvester. Again I am not going to shy away from sharing my thoughts previous to watching 'The Guvnors' When I heard that one half of music act Rizzle Kicks was going to be in the film. Yes I did cringe. However, me cringing at a casting choice isnt something that would ever put me off watching a film. So I went into 'The Guvnors' with a blank mind. Once again, I was wrong. Harley Sylvester was mindblowing in the role of Adam. Sporting a very painful looking scar down his face, Adam is without a doubt a character that will go down in the British film legend list, alongside Noel Clarke in Kidulthood/Adulthood. Harley plays the role to its maximum, showing us that he is both feared, but also showing that he might just be the person he is because thats what life has made him, he has been crafted that way to survive and protect his family and friends. So often in films we see cardboard cut-out 'villains' Adam isnt one of those and in certain scenes we (or at least I ) felt sympathy for him.Its easily in my Top 10 of the year so far, and Id like to thank everyone involved in that film for proving me wrong when I figured that 'The Guvnors' would be another typical run of the mill urban drama made on a small budget. Thank you for proving me wrong. Now heres to 'The Guvnors 2'

Dan C (jp) wrote: Low key drama populated with rather unlikable characters, including the fickle wife played by Moreau, who is shown to be a woman who can rise above her circumstances to engage in a real loving relationship. Far from breathless, it is a good precursor to the Nouvelle Vague. Had no idea that it was the movie that caused Potter Stewart to coin his famous quote on pornography: "I'll know it when I see it."

Rob D (nl) wrote: Brilliant stuff. Really enjoyed it, and the Boomtown/Go/Pulp Fiction-esque narative was used to great effect.