The Sons of Great Bear

The Sons of Great Bear

First DEFA "western" establishing Gojko Mitić's stardom portraying Native Americans.

Although the Indians were assured their lands adjacent to the Black Hills by contract, the Whites want to expel them. Meanwhile, gold has been discovered there and the unscrupulous settler,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ag) wrote: After two straight flops on Broadway, playwright Robert Longfellow(Martin Donovan, who also wrote and directed) needs to desperately recharge his batteries. So, he returns home to Los Angeles to visit his mother(Katherine Helmond) while his wife Alice(Melissa Auf der Maur) and two children stay behind. While there, he is hired to do some script doctoring before meeting with Emma(Olivia Williams), an actress and old friend, who has better ideas, not only professionaly but personally. Seeing as how Robert is so busy, it might be understandable how he has not been able to find the time to have a beer with Gus(David Morse), a friend from the neighborhood. "Collaborator" is a movie that defly defies expectations and cliches by taking a low key approach to the material. The lone exception is a remarkable emotional explosion that one character has kept pent up for decades to thankfully express an opinion which I have also been waiting a long time for somebody else to bring up, even if it has to come from a character who is so smug. Since they were shaped in different ways by the same incident, Robert probably looks at Gus in a 'there but for the grace of you-know-who, go I' kind of way; clues to which are slowly revealed throughout the movie. In other words, Robert cannot escape his past, just as his present is unraveling, despite his success in life.

Irene M (ru) wrote: painfully complex, but what in life isn't?

Ryan K (de) wrote: fun as a kid, but now this film is just bad

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Brian C (de) wrote: There are lovely visuals and lots of true emotions, and especially the Bridgette Fonda scene stays with me.

Dan S (fr) wrote: This really needs to come out on DVD!

Jace L (nl) wrote: Another great film from the master Akira Kurosawa, and once again Toshiro Mifune gives a wonderful performance.

Jeremy S (br) wrote: The start on the screen for Martin and Lewis. Still a funny piece.

Crispyfur C (de) wrote: The tear-jerkingest tearjerker I have ever seen. Barbara Stanwyck is stunning and her Stella is one remarkable character. She both gets it and doesn't at all and that combination is just so poignant by the end of the film.

Claire T (jp) wrote: loved it, David Tennant played a good part, I want it on DVD, it was a great movie but I thought it was a bit too long, I thought it was great movie, it was directed by Gregory Doran, it also starred Patrick Stewart

Stephen S (it) wrote: Starts off okay, but ends up being stupid after a while. The ending in particular is really dumb. One thing I do like about this film is that the cinematography is pretty great at times. There are some amazing shots and transitions here...I don't usually notice that in films unless they're done incredibly well.

Stephen S (jp) wrote: Mediocre, and really predictable. Not a good movie.