The Souls of the Sword

The Souls of the Sword


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The Souls of the Sword torrent reviews

E D (de) wrote: Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Yes, I admit that I should've known it would suck based on the title alone, but I decided to give it a try since it was only $0.50... I paid too much.

Fernando H (ag) wrote: La historia de una vida llena de exito y tristezas..

W D (es) wrote: One of those movies that stuck with me for a day or two after watching it. Emile Hirsch seemed to be an odd choice to play the role of Jesse James Hollywood aka Johhny Truelove.

Robyn S (gb) wrote: filmed in my hometown & in my great, great (or just great) grandads house!

Don S (ru) wrote: This drama pulls you into the seedy world of narcotics in Detroit by following the life of undercover cop Nick, who collaterally killed an unborn child in a bust gone bad, and Lt. Harry Oak, a loose cannon investigating the death of his undercover partner. Jason Patric and Ray Liotta are all too convincing in these roles. There are dead ends and twists, and the truth is a bit bizarre but getting to that truth is quite an experience. Recommended.

Tonya R (mx) wrote: Cute movie. Didn't deserve the 14% or 34% ratings it got.

Frances H (ca) wrote: I just don't see any deep meaning in this film beyond a "LIfe is hard and then we die" philosophy. The character of Marie is so idiotic that I want to smack her, and tell her to act like a responsible adult instead of a brainless moron. And while acting like the cretin she is, she mouths inanities about 'reality." Honestly! I'm not saying that some people don't act like they have no intelligence at all sometimes, but not all the people all the time. Everyone in this movie is just plain spacey.

Ted W (nl) wrote: I was searching for Fright Night 2 which i recently saw and found it's not in the flixster database. However, I recently re-watched this little gem and I still love it. The twists and turns and really solid performances make for a great popcorn eating experience.

Dirk S (fr) wrote: Solid first work of Spielberg, but nothing great or spectecualr bad. No wonder nobody remembers it.

Sean C (br) wrote: I have seen many a good film, and many a bad, but Kes...Kes is one of those special films. The phrase "I would rather watch paint dry" is thrown around often. But clearly nobody actually means it: just having something moving on a screen is more entertaining than watching a wall with paint dry on it. But in this case, i really, truly, literally would have been more entertained watching a paint covered wall dry out. There wouldn't even necessarily need to be paint on it for god's sake! I really can not express my complete loathing for this film; the way I wince at the thought of re-watching it, or my depression at reflecting on how i missed out on nearly 2 hours of perfectly good paint watching time.The acting coupled with accents (this coming from a british person) is reminiscent of watching a nursery play. Where someones irritating car alarm goes off during. The characters were totally unlikeable. In fact, they bored me near to actual tears, and I could not have cared less if one of the cardboard cut-outs of real people had died in the film. I can not see why this film is so highly rated! There are a few things I hate - such as racists, paedophiles, etc.- and Kes is one of them (though not nearly to the same degree) and it is for this reason that i believe Kes, to be, without a shadow of the doubt, the worst film I and my peers, have ever had the misfortune of watching! What you need before Kes, is to slip in to something more comfortable, like, say, a COMA. Or at least, that's what I got from it. But if your interested, knock yourself out! Literally.

David C (ru) wrote: Los segmentos de Fellini y De Sica son los mejores.

Orlok W (us) wrote: The Future through the perspective of 1936--A testament to the price of progress!!

Unique H (it) wrote: Cheese-tastic... if you like epics then you'll like it... It's entertaining.. but you won't call home about it...

Noname (it) wrote: One of the better thriller i have seen lately , i like alot this type of movies.

Justin T (nl) wrote: This was when Ashton was at the top of his career and Tar Reid was still hot and relevant.