The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy

The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy

The incredible story of how the mummified corpse of a 40-year-old man was discovered by a hunter in one of the most remote parts of the country. The dead man's detailed notes reveal that he actually committed suicide through self-imposed starvation only the summer before. Liechti's film is a stunning rapprochement of a fictional text, which itself is based upon a true event: a cinematic manifesto for life, challenged by the main character's radical renunciation of life itself. (

A hunter in a remote and idyllic forest stumbles on a make shift tent fashioned from sheets of plastic and containing the mummified remains of a corpse. A detailed journal found on site ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William F (ag) wrote: really funny.... but asshole you saw this movie two years ago and now you have just watched 1 hour of it on Netflix telling Leah that it was farely new. Dummy

Anatoly S (gb) wrote: Haven't seen it since I was a kid, and it turned out a lot better than I remembered! Great acting, cool visuals, awesome effects, engaging story. A really, really cool werewolf flick! RECOMMENDED

Chris B (it) wrote: Awesome! Certainly aware of it's campiness and budget; a fun watch!

Nathan N (mx) wrote: It's not particularly good but it's better than most of it's ilk. Some one realy tried with this movie. It's a "quirky town movie" that just happens to be attacked by a dragon thing. Not bad.

Nicole G (es) wrote: I watched this twice, very well done, well written, well acted! Amazing original song!

Melissa F (es) wrote: This movie had me shaking my head...poor gal...a bad bit of luck...

Scott T (jp) wrote: Really interesting movie. Decent story based on a true life incident, John Cusack is great and shows how good an actor he can be (he hasn't done anything decent for ages), the cast is brilliant (many of the minor roles are taken up by very famous actors now), the script is good and although the end product is not completely original, it's definitely worth watching.

Jermaine P (au) wrote: I gave it extra star jus because forest was in it, and so entertaining, but the main actress wasnt that convincing as a lady about to die...they might as well gave Sharon stone(played her sister) the part . If your looking for a somewhat decent movie than this would b a good pick

Kairu A (jp) wrote: Somewhat overstated, but still a gloriously comedic satire.

Edith N (jp) wrote: I'm not sure how people who live, presumably, in LA can think that Pasadena was surrounded by miles and miles of nothingness in 1929. Especially given that its train station is practically [i]in[/i] downtown Pasadena; it's about six blocks from the center of town, if that. I should know. I went to high school about another six blocks beyond it. Also, Wyatt Earp died in January, 1929, actually in Los Angeles. Accompanied by his common-law wife, Josephine Marcus, as the narrator reminds us at the end of [i]Tombstone[/i]. No affair with a young woman whose mother was a prostitute. (And raise your hands, everyone anticipating the villain, poor Malcolm McDowell, being her father.) He was dead before that Academy Awards ceremony--not yet the Oscars; not "Oscars" for a few more years. Tom Mix, played adequately by Bruce Willis here, was in fact one of the pall bearers at Wyatt Earp's funeral, though his career in the sound era never quite reached the heights it did in the silents. (He was in [i]Destry Rides Again[/i], playing Jimmy Stewart's father, though.) Nowadays, hardly anyone remembers him. I mean, I do, but I'm special that way. The Hollywood this movie tries to paint for us probably never really existed. For a start, I find it rather unlikely that Tom Mix (who was from Pennsylvania originally) just sort of wandered around in his cowboy outfits, wearing guns. There also doesn't strike me as much call for horses in Pasadena of the era; it's never been zoned for them, at least not since that started being something you zoned for. Our Heroes' ages are wrong, too. Tom Mix, in fact, was nearly fifty and Wyatt Earp about 80 at the time the movie was set. Both actors are far too young. James Garner [i]now[/i] is about the right age. And again, Josephine Marcus--who never left her husband's side--is notably missing, so that Wyatt Earp can be emotionally attached to the young Mariel Hemingway--who is frankly largely famous because of who her grandfather was. This isn't a good movie. Still, it's light, entertaining fare, with a bit of nostalgia thrown in. It's also remarkably tame for a movie set in large part in a brothel and among prostitutes.

Alasdair D (au) wrote: Not exactly sterling camera work, but the real joy is seeing Jimi in his prime pull out all the stops. The new 5.1 mix is superb too.

Adrian W (br) wrote: Three real-life buddies (John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, and Ben Gazzara) team up to play three pals whose lives suffer a shock wave when a fourth friend drops dead. After the funeral, the three friends, feeling death's hot breath on their own necks, take off on a weekend-long debauch, with way too much drinking and loose women. But, in the process, they have lengthy heart-to-hearts about the nature of friendship, manhood, and marriage, among other things. As strong an example of Cassavetes's improvisational art as any of his films, this film may test your patience with his indulgent treatment of actors, allowing them to explore their characters on film. Sometimes they come up empty, but more often, they find precious moments and revelations. And these three guys play off each other like long-time partners in a high-wire game of chicken in which they all emerge as winners. --Marshall Fine

Josh M (ag) wrote: You've probably never heard of Morituri, and neither had I - and having watched it, I have no idea why that is. Morituri (which translates to "Those about to die") is the story of a German deserter in WWII who is forced to bluff his way onto a German freighter and make sure that an American fleet is able to capture it. Playing that deserter? Marlon Brando, in his prime. Playing the freighter captain? Yul Brynner. But even when you get away from the big names, the whole cast is superb, playing parts that reveal surprising amounts of complexity and shades of gray as the film progresses. There's a ton to recommend about Morituri, from the claustrophobic environs of the ship to the remarkable sense of tension, from the complex morality to the fine performances, from the staggering crane shots to the convoluted but never confusing plot. It's a truly superb piece of work, and it's all the more frustrating how unknown it seems to be; with its characters and their secrets, a constant air of paranoia, a series of shifting alliances, and a gripping story, Morituri is a knockout, and I can't recommend enough that you check it out.

June B (fr) wrote: A a shocking, gripping, underrated masterpiece. Wow, there is some seriously good acting going on here. Rod Steiger earned himself a nomination from the academy but I think he should have won. One of the greatest halocaust pictures ever made.

Jila M (kr) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie! I've seen it over 5 times, and willing to see it again. There are so many funny scenes. If you must want to kick back and laugh regarding a beautiful island and the lives of some couples, sit back and enjoy!