The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music

Film adaptation of a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical based on a nun who becomes a governess for an Austrian family.

Maria is a failure as a nun. The Mother Superior sends her off in answer to a letter from a retired naval captain for a governess for his seven children. She goes to their house and finds that she is the latest in a long line of governesses run off by the children. Maria teaches the children to sing, and through her, music is brought back into the hearts and home of the Von Trapp family. Unknowingly, Maria and Captain Von Trapp are falling helplessly in love, except there are two problems, the Captain is engaged, and Maria is a postulant! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan T (kr) wrote: While there are no stunning personal insights offered by the back-stage rambling and practice sessions as the Stone Roses prepare for their first live gig in 20 years, this is still tremendous fare for those who still relish one of the greatest rock albums of the 20th century. And the payoffs for the faithful are inspiring, particularly the ecstatic reaction to the 1100-strong crowd in a packed Warrington hall for their first practice gig, and the jaw-dropping rendition of Fool's Gold at the Heaton Park mega-gig last year.

Priti P (it) wrote: Watched first day first show of 'Ek Tha Tiger' :) One of the best opening scenes (before this saw such magic in Pukar, starring Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit), cool fight sequences, Katrina Kaif's action scenes are a pleasant surprise, kinda OK romantic scenes - in fact boring at times, no passion between the leading actors which completely disagrees with the storyline. Salman Khan has immense star power.

Gabriel C (au) wrote: Smartly written and hilariously over-the-top.

mark s (kr) wrote: One of my favourite sci fi/horror films since alien. I don't understand why people didn't like it. When its on dvd Its first on my wishlist. Excelant entertainment, just enough gore, strong story line, nice acting and a gwell written, thoughtful script. Very good, late night, horror entertainment.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: I have no idea why I chose to watch this, but in the end of the day I was glad that I saw it. One of the critically failed movie of the years and who care what critics says, especially definitely not me. But you have to ask movie buffs because they loved it, probably except Chris Nolan fans. It was not made by a popular filmmaker, though it was almost perfect to be a masterpiece. He missed the big opportunity due to the inexperience to sculpt such a scoped script and failed to get best cast except Christopher Walken. Still the movie was at its best and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A story presentation in the multiple perspective is not a new to us. I am sure you had seen plenty. Well, it is the subject and the characters all that matters in the concept like this. This movie had those at its best and so original. Each character and their stories were developed awesomely in a short period of time. Remember, there's no going back, all of them brought together in the last quarter at the story's vanishing point. In which it's going to reveal the sensational twist. In some way its better the movie is not so popular. The main reason is that the some of the contents were too sensitive based on religion. It could have ended in a controversy like the movie 'The Da Vinci Code'. In the movie they are not trying to explain those, in fact you have to find it yourself or you are going to miss them without knowing like everyone else. But I liked it because it carried a worthy message about the non-violence. No matter what materials they used to deliver it though it was the right thing as I believe. You get no time to draw your stat on each story. They come and go before you presume something. One thing that makes us urge towards prediction is that how all the story networks are going to join together. Pretty nicely welded end, more importantly indulges. If it does not meet your expectation, then you should try second viewing otherwise forget it is not for you.

Borhan K (ru) wrote: This is torture for any guy ever born. It's like siting through the Virgina Monologues. Please don't put anyone through this hell of a film

Corpse M (ru) wrote: i dont recall laughing once and the sexy cougars dont even show any skin. maybe this would spark a laugfh or two if you watched it with some buddies....if you are looking for a raunchy sex comedy then watch deep in the valley instead.

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: Unfunny and racist, Bringing Down the House reminds us that Steve Martin has done far superior movies than this.

Hama N (kr) wrote: movie is great especially the talent show and has good scenes that can be funny.very cool movie

Richard T (it) wrote: I guess this film is kind of interesting, the representational style that the director uses to seemingly blend the past with present conditions is great and the noticeable artistic flair is visually stunning. The plot is pretty basic, but the film works on multiple levels and I can really admire that since it sort of takes a simple premise and transcends what the film should end up being. The dialogue is great and the conflicts are fairly exciting, though I felt as if the film drug on a bit too much and even two days later I have trouble remembering specific details rather than just a host of beautiful images, so I guess that's also pretty telling. I was not engaged the whole time and the film is a bit daunting despite clocking in at less than two hours, but the end is magnificent and works nicely. The voice over is a mixed bag, always serving a purpose but sometimes feeling a bit too heavy handed or coming off as an easy go around instead of having the camera show what was being said. The acting is pretty bad all around too, many of the leads are too vocal and the performances come off as over acted to the extreme. Technically it's a great film, sadly I took little enjoyment from anything that was not technical or intangible. 3.298704382453321543.

Adrian W (ca) wrote: A hilarious military comedy

Kim B (us) wrote: Based on a true story, Al Pacino is riveting as the main character who is Both an egomaniac and lunatic. This was a poorly planned robbery turned circus that due to poor hostages went on for hours. The story gets weirder as it goes on with the revelation of a transsexual love triangle. Also, some of the hostages and media seem to start to like The robbers as they treat the hostages with respect. The tension was well held through out as you never knew what was coming, but I couldn't help feel it was missing something especially towards the later half. I knew as soon as the fbi got in on it playing mr nice guy with this madman was over.

Justin R (it) wrote: Andrea rates it 5 stars!

Alex D (ag) wrote: Please, do not watch it, one of the worse things I have ever seen.

Sergio E (es) wrote: Yeah! What else can you expect lots of laughs, gorgeous babes, and fun in the sun. This movie is pure 80s fun it's so cheesy, so bad that it's really good! It had Johnny Depp in a funny, sleazy and humorous part. I actually enjoyed the site, the humor, the girls and the comedy it's actually something to pass by with a good aftertaste. But for all the girls out there our little Johnny shows more than you can imagine I can just imagine girls using slow motion LOL because they are just like us but the opposite. It isn't every day you can watch Andrew "Dice" Clay slap around Johnny Depp in a movie. Or see Hector Elizondo running around with a reverse Mohawk.... the list goes on. But these are just some of the things you'll see in this very enjoyable comedy from a bye gone era of film-making. Private Resort has a plot so minimal that one really would be hard pressed to describe it. The action is played out in a series of chase scenes through the hotel, attempted hook-ups, and even a shootout at the end. Private Resort scores on many fronts. First of all, this film knows it's a sex comedy. So it also knows that in order for the audience to get their money's worth, there has to be a lot of nudity. And this film does not disappoint in that department. Even the guys get naked! You bet! Johnny Depp is fully nude at one point. We only see his backside, but I'll bet his female (and some male) fans will be totally satisfied. It appears this film was made before he started getting all of those tattoos. I didn't notice one on him. The film relies on physical comedy or "slapstick" for most of the laughs. The script has few memorable lines, but it really doesn't need them to get the point across. That poor guy who plays the head of hotel security continually gets the crap beat out of him as the action unfolds. So does Elizondo. Depp is appealing in one of his earliest roles. I doubt that he was asked many questions about it when he went Inside the Actor's Studio, however. Maybe Depp looks back on this film and smiles as he remembers a more simple time in his life. Who knows? Morrow as the shyer one of the two main characters is also very likable. It's good to see he still works, too. Andrew Clay is featured, and this is before he became known as the "Dice man". He is shirtless on one scene, and he appears to have more hair on his shoulders than on his entire back! Really, there isn't much more one can say about this film. It hits all the notes it intended to hit. The cast takes juvenile material and makes the most of it. Elizondo in particular stands out. You can even sense a few ad-libs he may have thrown in some scenes that add to the fun. Also, there is a welcomed appearance by the exuberant policewoman from the Police Academy movies. The film hasn't even aged all that badly, except for the obvious changes in female swimwear and hair styles and cars. But, since most of the women in the film end up naked in their scenes, it really doesn't matter what they're wearing, does it? But the movie is fun. A totally 80's comedy, with the atmosphere planted solely on sex and low brow humor which more than a few times hits bull's eye. It doesn't hurt either if you grew up watching this film, some good memories associated with this one in my case. The fact that this film doesn't make a whole lot of sense and is way over the top, especially near the end, actually works in it's favor. The cast is willing and able. Depp and especially Morrow are very appealing leads but Elizondo completely steals the show as the world's unluckiest jewel thief (also with the world's ugliest haircut). Everybody seems to be having fun doing this and no one takes himself too seriously. How could they anyway? As said, the film is hard to rate. It's not a sophisticated comedy which can boast of solid writing and plotting but as a sexually charged 80's skin flick comedy it ranks as one of the more pleasurable, in my opinion at least. A wacky teenage sex comedy of the sort that proliferated in the mid-1980s, this farce is notable for featuring two lead actors who would go on to bigger and better things. Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp star as Ben and Jack, respectively, teen buddies who are on the sexual prowl for beautiful, wealthy girls at a posh Miami resort where they are weekend guests. Also on the prowl is The Maestro (Hector Elizondo), a skilled jewel thief who evades detection by cross-dressing as a woman while he pursues the diamond necklace of society woman Amanda Rawlings (Dody Goodman). When they accidentally run afoul of the Maestro, Ben and Jack suddenly have their hands full. Private Resort was the third in a series of comic teen sex romps from producer R. Ben Efraim, each of which had the word Private in the title. This is the story of two teenage boys who are guests at a Florida resort for the weekend. Their only interest is, of course, chasing girls, but fate has much more in store for them.