The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA

The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA


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The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA torrent reviews

Mark I (us) wrote: Nothing terribly special, but at least nothing terrible. Good acting, though extremely over-the-top as most other Korean dramas. Can't recommend this unless you read a review and was genuinely curious to watch the film.

Barry H (gb) wrote: Funny film with beautiful dogs!

Alberto M (es) wrote: Interesting blending of road movie and coming of age story. Sara Rue shines in her portrait of a troubled goth girl who wants to become a singer. Drama ensures and at the end you just watched a wonderful little film.

Gabriel C (ca) wrote: Antz combines brilliant animation and Woody Allen's neurotic loser persona, and it oddly works.

Tanner L (ca) wrote: Although it's not the best work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, ''Orgazmo'' still brings some good laughs, and is definately a worth a watch if you're a fan of their other works.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Could be worthwhile, will see.

Benji R (kr) wrote: Amazing movie and a great plot. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Jeremy J (ag) wrote: Modern classic. The underbelly of the white picket fence is crawling with all sorts of creepies, headed by Hopper's menacing performance.

John F (fr) wrote: Worst Marvel movie ever!

Paul B (us) wrote: A ridiculous, despicable, gross, offensive cult classic pile of trash of the highest order. Ridiculously low-budget but with great performances, some superb & vile special effects & a plot that involves melting hobos, a king of a junkyard, a crazy policeman & stereotyped Italian Mob Boss. This is enjoyable enough Troma-inspired rubbish, but great rubbish.

QueenCity M (kr) wrote: Fantastic! One of my favorite movies!

Steve G (ca) wrote: This is what Lord of the Rings would look like if it was good.Superior to its predecessor, regardless of what anyone else might say. Far more interesting in every possible way; without any of the boredom, gratuitousness of the previous film.One of the great action/adventure movies of my time. The first action movie I ever saw in my life. Grace Jones' androgyny both confused & scared me. The monster in the mirror room gave me nightmares. Loved the score! Arnold at his most ripped. Dagoth was not quite as impressive as he could've been. Of all people to be assigned with the task of protecting the princess' virginity, they chose Wilt Chamberlain?