The Spell

The Spell

Jenny's boyfriend draws her into the world of witchcraft and black magic soon, taking her down a path which leads to the most horrific experience of her young life.

THE SPELL tells the story of Jenny, a young girl who finds herself unwanted by either of her separated parents during the formative years of her life and leaves home at the earliest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristen P (ru) wrote: Mike Mills graciously tells the story of his upbringing & the women in his life & Annette Benning should have an Oscar Nomination for this work.

Tracy F (de) wrote: Such a cute movie and set in the 80's. Music was great too. Soundtrack of my 80's life.

Syed Hama H (br) wrote: I watched this film when i was 7 years old and all i can say about this film is that it was OK.

Michael T (ca) wrote: A film of brutal, unblinking honesty from Todd Solondz. You may not 'like' his characters and his films, you may in fact loathe them, but there is no denying that Solondz captures the capricious and seething nature of human beings, and doesn't let go...

Will T (ru) wrote: Watched this on a Greyhound bus on a mammoth 24 hour coach trip. Good performances all round esp The Loaf as racist cop. Don't be put off by the cover, not a chick flick.

Josh S (us) wrote: Sweetly naturalistic, well-acted mundane crime movie by John McNaughton. Ashley Judd and Luke Perry and excellent. Why don't we have twenty of these movies every year?

Sara C (nl) wrote: maybe, ill just put yes for now though

Luis Diego C (br) wrote: 6.5. Recuerdo que a esta cinta la llamaba "Dos perros y un gato" cuando era pequeo. La alquil en el video Magic de Barva por lo menos 50 veces hasta que se revent y no me la pudieron alquilar ms, desde entonces no volv a saber de la peli hasta que mi hermana Francela la encontr en Netflix hace unos das. Antes ste filme me pareca mejor.

Alex G (kr) wrote: To it's credit, Prison has stunning visual effects--some of the best I have ever seen in a low budget film--and possibly the only quality Band score I have heard. Beyond that, the film has a bland script with underwhelming moments, characters, and execution. This film felt more like an idea for a movie, than fully constructed story. Given how weak the script was, the director really did a great job with what he had.

Gregory M (us) wrote: Can we talk about the two Edwards that I think carried the entire film? Of course the whole cast was amazing and wonderful and extremely talented but the lead, Edward Norton played Derek in the best way possible. I'm really shocked by the turns this movie took, but I'm really glad I got to watch this now as I think it is really close to the current situation in the world. I'm sad, shocked, disgusted, tired and I really want some change, a change I think will never come in our lifetime. It's something in the human nature I think, this thirst of power and I can only hope it will die down a bit. Till then, keep an open mind and don't let yourself drown in hate. Hate, as the movie depicted, is to blaim for everything. A really amazing movie that I chose to watch the perfect time.