The Spider Woman

The Spider Woman

Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of so-called "pajama suicides". He knows the female villain behind them is as cunning as Moriarty and as venomous as a spider.Based on "The Sign of Four" and the short stories "The Dying Detective", "The Final Problem", "The Speckled Band" and "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot".

Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of so-called "pajama suicides". He knows the female villain behind them is as cunning as Moriarty and as venomous as a spider. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry P (nl) wrote: Perhaps reaches a little further than it's arms allow... sophmore slump really does appear an incontrovertible phenomenon. Noble effort though from someone who clearly at least strives to make sense of fundamental human issues, which should be applauded in this day and age IMO.The song during the final scene reminds me how wonderful his ear for music is...shame there was not a little more of that on display throughout the film, the way it was in Garden State.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Great movie on a great man.Details the life of Nelson Mandela, who fought to end apartheid, spent 27 years in prison for doing so, and became the first democratically-elected President of South Africa. Shows his early days, when his aspirations were different, his change of focus, his incarceration, his negotiations with the government, his release, the transition period and his inauguration. It's not just a simple blow-by-blow cold fact biopic. It shows the humility and grace of the man. Without his level-headedness South Africa's transition to democracy and history thereafter would not have been a peaceful one. It would have gone the way of many African countries in post-colonial/white rule and descended into anarchy and civil war.The relationship with his wife, Winnie, is a prominent theme. Initially it starts out as a love story, and an interesting aside, but it later develops into a "what is and what could have been" comparison. Him representing the path that South Africa took, thanks to him, and her the path to destruction.Superb performance by Idris Elba in the lead role. He got the voice and accent down pat too.Good support from Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela.

Russell S (ag) wrote: Smart, funny, creative, AWESOME! At times it feels as if there's almost too much going on but that's hardly a complaint, this is a great movie and the 3D version is effective here in drawing you in that little bit more.

Ben B (ag) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen. You'll struggle to get through this one. The only saving grace is that you might laugh at how horrible it is.

Abhash S (fr) wrote: good film with fine acting by rajiv

Dan F (nl) wrote: The problem is, the only major issue, that it's really hard to like Germaine Clement in this movie. But I think maybe that's part of the joke.

Arin D (ag) wrote: Non-Francophones may confuse 'ennui' (also an English word) with existential emptiness where it is also boredom, apathy, inertia. When one side of a sexual-romantic relationship displays such ennui, the imbalance is explosive. This film rips into this premise at express train pace. In fact, the film ends in a physical and figurative car wreck. There are movies we know are for mature audiences. Usually this is confused with nudity or sexual content, and rarely (for the US at least) with violence. Yet another criteria to separate out films not meant for naive audiences: something which exposes the hollow heart of things we hold dear, like romantic love. There is obsessive love - love which damages and corrodes us. Relationships that are inherently unfair and irrational because we love someone more than they love us, because they choose to share their love, or because they are incapable of love at all. But yet irresistible. Such love is destructive. Watching this film does things to notions of love. It's difficult to sympathize with the actors, but it is possible to find their situations credible. Excellent acting and taut direction ensure this film never lets up from the start. There is much attention paid to the craft of cinema: pacing, shot framing, cues and the building of atmosphere through tinting/lighting, and off-camera dialogue. Most of it works for a change. Surprisingly effective, for a film with just three characters. Highly recommended.

Lindsey S (au) wrote: The first time I saw this movie was last weekend, in 2015, and I thought the storyline, props, and special effects were awesome, and so was Kurt Russell - no surprise there!

James E (de) wrote: The book is a lot better!

Carly B (ag) wrote: The half star is for James Spader. He's the only actor who seems to give a crap.

Joel A (jp) wrote: A master stroke from Hollywood Maverick director Billy Wilder who brings to a life a fascinating murder trial in court involving an out of retirement lawyer & seemingly innocent man with a strange wife.This film to me cements the power Marlene Dietrich had on screen, the camera adores her. The film leaves you guessing & nothing adds up.The film is truly made in the final minutes with one of the best twist endings I have seen in a Court Room Film in years. Even during the ending credits there is a voice disclaimer encouraging you to not share the ending with your friends.