The Spiral Staircase

The Spiral Staircase

A serial killer (circa 1916) is targeting women with 'afflictions'; one night during a thunderstorm, mute Helen feels menaced. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dr M (es) wrote: After Earth is the cinematic equivalent of a neighbours dog dumping it's squidgy crap on your front lawn. Most, most unwelcome. M. Night Shyamalan directs a wooden spoon, darting around the jungle away from late-90's-cgi monsters for reasons unclear to myself and my baffled son.Will Smith acts at a standard that I can only describe as offensive to my soul and Jaden Smith manages to out-perform his father in this respect; In that he is worse. But by far the shoddiest thing about this film is the utterly moronic direction. A complete shambles from beginning to end.

Omar E (ca) wrote: Great independent movie with great actors & acting, especially Aian Quinn. The movie is a a little gem!

Kris S (es) wrote: very good slasher film.

Benjamin O (us) wrote: Jittery observational.

Fatty L (mx) wrote: Alright in and of itself but absolute abomination of the original story.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: An immediate comedy classic. Mike Judge can't fail.

Bonnie A (gb) wrote: Though talky at times, this gruesome feline murder mystery is maturely and smartly told and beautifully animated. It's even somewhat realistic in its depiction of outdoor cat life - cats who don't know each other mate, for example. Did I mention it's mature? Cats talk openly about sex and some scenes are graphically violent. This story bring to mind Tailchaser's Song in some ways.

Kevin H (au) wrote: Ok in low grade Indiana Jones adventure

Lisa Y (nl) wrote: I loved as a Child and find that if you can find it, it is good to watch with children 6 and older , not sure about younger 'cause of a few spots.

Max S (es) wrote: Ed Wood should have been more famous than Orson Welles.

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: The three guys who don't speak English steal the show...even from Bob Hope.

Lauren B (ca) wrote: I liked this movie. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it had a good story line that and I enjoyed the cast.

Evan M (mx) wrote: Wonderfully timeless, The Lion King expertly combines an amazingly performed ensemble cast with stunning animation, likeable characters, enjoyable musical numbers, and a sweeping score. While its second half may move slower than its first half and Matthew Broderick's vocal contributions may be nondescript, this movie is a lasting treasure that never ceases to engage.