The Spirit

The Spirit

Down these mean streets a man must come. A hero born, murdered, and born again. When a Rookie cop named Denny Colt returns from the beyond as The Spirit, a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces from the shadows of Central City, the Octopus who kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face who has other plans. He's going to wipe out the entire city.

The film follows the rookie cop Denny Colt who is brutally killed and somehow brought back to life under the alias of The Spirit. With the newly acquired supernatural power, The Spirit is assigned to keep the city in peace, especially when The Octopus appears and plans to wipe out the entire city to gain immortality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bud L (us) wrote: I know what your thinking,not another Nic Cage movie,but this one was not bad at all,kinda of gripping,it will have you on the edge of your seat at time's.

Orlok W (de) wrote: A meaningless life finds a meaning in vengeance--This little piggy... Killed a lot of people!!

Anne H (br) wrote: Black & White. Bruce Dern is brilliant ! So is the cast.

Uriel G (ru) wrote: Entertaining and enjoyable, "Zombieland" joins the comedy with the zombies giving us an equally satisfactory result that "Shaun of the dead".The narrative of the film along with the performances and the sequence itself makes it a work of great value.

bing r (es) wrote: incredibly natural acting and dialogue (the director and writers know their subject) but the ending just leaves one feeling unsatisfied ...and not in the good way that movies can sometimes do

Private U (es) wrote: Starts off with a bang, but gets a little wearing toward the end. Fairly predictable, but the actors make it engaging despite that.

Pavan R (br) wrote: An interesting period drama. Very well edited and hence doesn't seem tedious like some of these dramas can. A good story based on the novel I haven't read which will probably give a bit more insight. A very good watch.


Karsh D (ca) wrote: a slice of British film noir as gangs battle it out to be top dogs in West London

Mike C (es) wrote: Some may say the selling point of this movie is once noted director EA Dupont but I say it's clear significance is containing the final performance in the devastatingly short career of Tandra Quinn. Though she has exactly 0 lines of dialogue (actually, I don't recall her speaking in Mesa of Lost Women either), she makes her, uh, presence known.

Joel A (fr) wrote: The very impacting film debut for John Garfield who was in many ways ahead of his time with his honest & raw performance.The simple story of Four Daughters who are all musicians and a love triangle develops with a twist.Priscilla Lane is by far the loveliest of the sisters, she is not only stunning but has a warm presence on the screen.Although a nice Hollywood Film in many aspects it's a little edgy for its time & is really propelled by its performances.

Dan N (ag) wrote: Quality fight scenes and a bad guy hailing all the way from Birds of a Feather and Goodnight Sweetheart! Oh and Rufio is in it too - what a cast!

Anthony F (br) wrote: Does event come close to the book. Read it. You will not be disappointed.