The Standoff

The Standoff

At Big Jim’s Auto Depot there’s only one rule. The last man – or woman – standing wins. Eight teens enter, one teen leaves. Actually, all eight teens leave, but only one leaves with the ride of their dreams. To reach that dream, they’re going through a nightmare. Keep your hand on the car. That sounds simple enough, but two days of sleep deprivation and fierce competition can make things awfully hard.

The film tells the story of Amy (Olivia Holt) and Farrell (Ryan McCartan), two local teens who find themselves up against the toughest field of competitors to win the car of their dreams. They can barely stand each other, but now they must stand next to each other for three days, without sleep! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna I (us) wrote: An interesting peak into how the CIA works, with some fairly damning photos and audio clips from around the world to inside the oval office. I kind of wish Carl Colby had given a more personal take on the subject; the movie feels really more like a bunch of facts laid out with the focus really more on what happened in Vietnam than his father. I would have liked more anecdotes about his home and family life, or his life after the CIA or just anything more in depth about his sister or mother. Though maybe I'm asking too much of a movie called "the man nobody knew."

Johnny H (br) wrote: This movie is the best NO SHIT!!!!!!

Barry T (gb) wrote: Watching this was like pulling teeth.Absolutely dreadful and bored the a**e off me..avoid !!

Matt K (es) wrote: Weird experimental film based on a weird experimental book. Like a mix between literature and surgery without anesthesia.

Dyron W (au) wrote: Much better and funnier than the original. Jim is still at his crazy-ass best.

Alexi T (mx) wrote: woah what a cool movie!

Stuart M (ca) wrote: To sum this film up: Nothing happens for two hours and then they blow up the Bomb. There was so much drama that could be milked from the Manhattan Project, but we end up learning nothing about the actual development of the bomb or even any character insights. Things just happen. What a waste. Manhattan may be over the top in making everything a zero sum game, but at least it gives us a reason to care about these people.

Aldo G (mx) wrote: Fairly good drama about the perils of infidelity. A bored, middle class, married man with a child falls for a jailed crook's girlfriend. Things get more complicated when the woman is stalked by another suitor who tries to frame her into dating him. Performances by the three leads are all excellent,Dick Powell as the adulterer, Lizabeth Scott as the femme fatale and Raymond Burr as the scorned man. Film's conclusion suffers from a didactic conclusion, no doubt influenced by the censor board at the time. Recommended for noir fans.

Ben H (gb) wrote: Excellent, good looking noir. Bleakness all the way, with some ok performances from a decent cast. Some really great set pieces from Dassin, particularly the prison break itself, and the way it engages with ideas of power is sublime.

Nicol M (it) wrote: With touching and emotional performances from the whole cast The way back talks about the real events behind the long travel from Russia to India trough magnificent landscapes of a group of men.

Ryan J (nl) wrote: A university science team hop aboard an Alaskan crabbing ship in the hopes of studying some Beluga whales but they come across something out of this world, frozen remnants of a Russian space ship. After they bring it on board it starts defrosting and what they uncover is now on board with the wreckage, they will not like one bit. An organism that takes over their bodies, feeds on their tissue is fucking up their trip and this film makes some good use of practical effects, some good scenes of carnage but it is highly unoriginal, pretty much a rip off of "The Thing". Enjoyable for a night in anyway.