The Star

The Star

A washed-up movie queen finds romance, but continues to desire a comeback.

A washed-up movie queen finds romance, but still desires a come-back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (es) wrote: Save your money ... the climax is sorely missed .. this movie should have been at least 30 min longer with a better ending.

Dirk R (es) wrote: Good... but a little reality showish DG or me.

Lora N (nl) wrote: This movie had a lot of potential but unfortunately failed.

Ryan M (us) wrote: A quicker retelling of the first film. Same concept, new setting.

Justin D (kr) wrote: This movie was pretty good, and had a hook right from the start. The acting was fairly good and nowhere near bar-nun, in fact it was excellent. Paired with an interesting plot this was a good film all-around.

Jenn J (gb) wrote: Much better then I expected it to be. Who knew Toby Keith could not only sing great country music, but co-write and star in a funny as hell movie? I sure didnt, but I do know!

WS W (ag) wrote: Slash! Slash!! Slash!!! Lame, but not that lame.

Loren W (it) wrote: Paul Dinello, 'nough said.

Nela K (mx) wrote: l looovvveee very very very match this movie

Brad G (gb) wrote: Surprisingly twisted flick. A good yarn that goes in directions you don't expect.

Candice P (ca) wrote: The plot was very underdeveloped and character development was quite lacking. The story leaves you waiting for a big predicament or climax and it never happens. Could have been done much better.

Maria Z (gb) wrote: Normally I`d never watch this... But Sean Bean... I love him so much, I don`t care what`s the movie about!

Jay C (ag) wrote: Cheesy movie but my family watches it every year! If you live in Chicago and you taped it off TV you get a bonus with a Brad Pitt 'Pringles' commercial!

Martin T (de) wrote: This dialogue-free tale of a family's struggle for survival on a remote island (mental comparisons to Man of Aran are inevitable, although the films are quite different) is simple in construction, but loaded with allegorical possibilities. As I watched the events unfold I pondered the significance of what I was seeing and found my mind going down several different paths. Shindo never makes a big deal about the wordlessness of the narrative... it doesn't ever feel like a novelty, but rather just that no words are necessary. Gorgeous cinematography and a lyrical score (reminded me an awful lot of M. Hulot's Holiday) seal the deal. A sometimes difficult film (unless you really enjoy watching people schlep water around) but one that is rewarding both as food for thought and food for the soul.

jackson m (ru) wrote: One of the most morally ambiguous noir's ever made? Most probably. One of Bogart's best performance? You betcha. "In a lonely place" tells you everything from its title: the depressive hard-boiled world of Hollywood where individuals are surrounded by cynicism and where two lonely individuals attempt to formulate a 'truthful' connection. However, while many of these aspects evoke the essential concepts of the noir genre, "In a lonely a place" is more concerned with the most difficult and complicated aspect of human intimacies: love. The film follows Dixon Steele (Bogart), an alcoholic screenwriter who hasn't "written a hit since before the war." Mostly taking place in a set that Roger Ebert describes as "the most evocative landscape in cinema," Steele falls for the beautiful Gloria Grahame (Laurel Gray). While the plot seems ultimately simple, it the actors emotional portrayal of their characters that ultimately drive it. Bogart is at his best. Portraying the ultimate enigma; a man that evokes sadism and cynicism while still containing the ability to demand sympathy. Laurel's character is also trapped within a paradoxical situation: she loves a man (as this love is ultimately idealistic in such a depressive world) with utmost determination, but is ultimately suppressed due to Steele's violent anger. As previously mentioned, it's the film ability at capturing the complexities of love between two conflicted humans that elevates it. And with Bogart at his best (Reflect on that: "Bogart at his best"), it's simply unmissable.

Mat E (mx) wrote: Scared the crap out of me when I was 6