The Star Maker

The Star Maker

The adventures and deceptions of a photographer who travels through the small villages of Sicily pretending that he is working for the big film studios in Rome.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Italian,Sicilian,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   star,   prostitute,  

"Dottore" Joe Moretti travels round Sicily doing screen tests for the big Roman studios. He's a conman and takes money or favours for his efforts. Beata, a young illiterate convent girl ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Star Maker torrent reviews

Martin Al A (kr) wrote: Very poor movie. The acting was diabolical and I don't think I jumped once! Not recommended.

Corine C (br) wrote: Great rental. Romantic and charming.

Chris G (nl) wrote: A well put together documentary that humanizes candidates beyond their image and shows the stress a presidential campaign puts on a family.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: A brand of comedy that only Boll can deliver.

Eric A (mx) wrote: An overwrought, underwhelming script and disjointed, lazy direction from Abi Morgan and Phyllida Lloyd -- who have proven themselve great theater talents but completely confused and out of their collective element as screenwriters and directors -- severely belittle what could have been a fascinating character study of one of the most fascinating, and controversial, public figures in recent memory. And, worst of all, it wastes a pretty stellar performance from the usually-overrated Meryl Streep, renders the usually-great Jim Broadbent befuddlingly mediocre, and totally underutilizes Anthony Head, who puts forth a solid, understated performance in a criminally small role.

Tish (gb) wrote: Laughed my ass of with this one.. XD like DRAMA all over the place XD... But it was so fun XD...

Rock Y (mx) wrote: I think they were going for Prime Suspect but got stuck. Still nice to see Paris and watch cute men run around looking tough.

David S (mx) wrote: Albert Brooks' first and best film. Funny, intelligent, and scathing in its satirical punches. Begins to lose focus near the end, but still a gem of a comedy.

Kristi T (ru) wrote: Love this movie! But perhaps you have to be a gardener to really get it. For me, it is a classic feel good movie that I know I'll watch again!

Gisleine D (nl) wrote: Tribunal bsico, bem previsvel... Depende mais do seu humor no dia. hoje vale 2,5. Na T.P.M., de repente... rsrsrs

Karie B (nl) wrote: i saw this when i was of the first movies i remember loving

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Jaunty murder mystery!!

Wade F (ag) wrote: funny movie, with a kind of mushy message. and really good acting, good comedic timing, its very funny, Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd work well together hope they divide to make a sequel to it

Al K (jp) wrote: Good movie! Seemed like it ended a bit quickly, but still good!