The State of Things

The State of Things

On location in Portugal, a film crew runs out of film while making their own version of Roger Corman's The Day the World Ended (1956) . The producer is nowhere to be found and director Munro attempts to find him in hopes of being able to finish the film.

On location in Portugal, a film crew runs out of film while making their own version of Roger Corman's _Day the World Ended, The (1956)_. The producer is nowhere to be found and director ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vanessa L (kr) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever seen. The only laughs you'll get from it are at how badly it is acted and how stupid the story line is. Total waste of time watching this one!

Laura M (ca) wrote: Maybe more like a 2.75. It was interesting and a bi unique for the genre. Not sure if the fact some bits seemed legit terrifying is a good thing or not. I think I might have pushed my limits with this one.

Bloodmarsh K (au) wrote: Dark Feed is the latest awful horror movie about a group of filmmakers making an awful horror movie - so, you get two equally shitty horror movies in one extremely long 90 minute period.

Brad S (br) wrote: - Watching this a 2nd time, the film doesn't lose any of its power. It was nice to see it again after having read the book as well as watching the feature film to really grasp what it means for Romeo to revisit Rwanda 10 yrs later.Romeo is very open and frank while discussing the situation in Rwanda which really makes this so interesting, nothing is sugar-coated or glossed over and there is some highly disturbing and graphic footage shown, but I think it's important to see. This is very highly recommended! - A very powerful documentary, very important viewing. Romeo was the basis for Nolte's character in Hotel Rwanda.

charles d (nl) wrote: Good animation. Good story line. i enjoyed it

Justin T (fr) wrote: Gaspar No always seems to be able to capture the worst in human anguish & this film is no exception. This guy in this movie is really mad and disturbed. Some of his angry rants are so outrageous that they are funny. Anyway, pretty good film hard to take your eyes off of this guy's downward spiral.

Ben R (fr) wrote: This movie had me hooked from the very first scene and didn't let go. If you didn't know anything about the lives of concubines years ago in China, then this film will most likely clear up most questions. It displays the competitive, betraying, and luxurious world of four very interesting women.

Ali E (jp) wrote: Whaley is totally unlikable and Connelly is nothing but eye candy. Wasted chance at another possible Hughes classic.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Within seconds of Silverado I knew that it was just what I could have hoped for: A Solid Western.That is, the quality of the shootout sequences were excellently created and were lit to perfection, filmed from great angles in a stable manner and featured top notch sound effects and impeccable timing with the film editing.Then again, the whole Silverado feature was enhanced by the same styles that perfected the shootouts, as well as a solidly strong musical score which ensured that the audience's feel for the plot dynamics was just the intended feel.Silverado also beef it's from a great cast, with skilled leads Scott Glenn and Kevin Kline providing a feel that's like a team of Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman, but with both of them being the heroes.John Cleese was also good in his brief time on screen, and despite the fact that his many comedic roles have caused me to associate his voice with a form of comedy, he was good in an antagonistic dramatic role.And before the rise and fall of Kevin Costner in Western movies, he was in a riotous mood and portrayed such a fun character in desperado which infuses his signatory western persona with one of an against type common joker along for the ride.But I found that the standout performance was the determined one by Danny Glover whose iconic level of badass skill transferred over into an action-racism setting and made him the strongest character of the film and added good civil drama to the plot. His skill as an actor manually contributed to the intensity of many scenes, particularly when he has everyone at gunpoint while they rope Scott Glenn.So as a technical and substance achievement, Silverado is excellently victorious, and it exceeds just what the audience could hope for as a general solid western, and Lawrence Kasdan's job as a director is who we can thank for that.

Doug C (jp) wrote: Not my favorite Oph 1/4ls' movie.. He was better in black & white.

Anthony T (ca) wrote: Not a horror film really. A few interesting moments, overall nothing really memorable other than Val's comedic timing is brilliant when it needs to be.