The Station

The Station

It starts as a studio theatre: a good-natured, bit pedantic stationmaster performs his job at a railway station in the middle of nowhere. Eventually a beautiful, obviously very rich young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Armando B (gb) wrote: This 5th installment of "The final Destination" films was great, we all know the story, but that's the point if this films. The special effects were great and the most awsome part is the ending with a great twist that left me in "what" yeah I love it and that's why my rating is way up, great movie and great ending. So for this being a great 5th installment to the franchise and keeping you in suspense for the entire movie, I give "Final Destination 5" a B.

Jason B (us) wrote: mysterious and thoughtful, but too drawn out IMO. also see "mother's of the disappeared" by U2

Melissa A (jp) wrote: Scott is notorious for rushing into relationships and so once again he finds himself single after proposing to his girlfriend too soon. To cure his loneliness, he decides to look for a roommate and ends up finding a quirky couple named Ryan and Mary who seem to have his best interest at heart but just don??t quite know how to show it. Believing that they are deliberately sabotaging any chance he has at finding love again, Scott begins to understand that their seemingly perfect relationship is anything but perfect. I actually liked this movie despite a lot of the negative reviews. It was great seeing a few moments of Johnny Galecki on screen (known mostly now for playing Leonard on Big Bang Theory) being his sarcastic and snarky self. The story was fairly typical but what stood out most was Ryan and Mary??s hilarious characters played by Jesse Bradford and Sophia Bush. They really stole the whole movie for me with their witty back and forth banter and crazy mannerisms. To be noted that one should never underestimate the level of perversion that a couple possesses, even when they appear saintly wearing matching outfits at first contact because you never know what secrets are kept under the table.

Kjetil H (ag) wrote: Ganske s fet Doku om dansende og rffe ghettobarna!!! Ganske rrende denne!

Carlos Javier P (br) wrote: Un buen preludio a lo que fue Juegos Sexuales, buena historia del director y escritor original. Lamentablemente el bajo presupuesto es notable tanto en la calidad de produccion como en los actores con la salvedad de Amy Adams que interpreta a Kathryn de exelente manera.

Eve C (us) wrote: Quand le visage de Ren (C)e Z. " (C)tait" celui de Ren (C)e Z. ...

Yiting S (es) wrote: Every scene in the movie is as if a Van Gogh's painting, so well executed and beautifully arranged from the brothels, Bohemian cafes to the yellow fields... "I've worked harder and got better but nothing I've worked on is important..." The man said he doesn't paint water because it is so fluid and hard to capture the reflection... The story only covers the last few months before his death, a period of great activity, although I missed my favourite Starry Nights :)

Paul D (ag) wrote: This movie has such a great premise, but the acting is so bad that it makes it hard to like the movie. Also, the music and effects are dated beyond belief! I am happy that this movie is on the reboot list! With a better director, this story could really be exciting.

Michelle C (jp) wrote: So not my kind of movie. How is this a comedy? Shoulda just given up on it, but you know how you get enough into a movie that you have to see if it can get better? Yeah, that's this movie. I think we tried this once before and bailed before that point, and I kinda wish we'd done that again.

Stuart K (au) wrote: After the nightmarish production and critical indifference to Lord of the Rings (1978), and his 1950's memoir Hey Good Lookin' (1982) stuck in development limbo with it's studio. Ralph Bakshi thought it was time for a small, personal film, and he was able to find money for this one. A document on the history of 20th Century popular music, seen through the eyes of 4 generations of a Russian-American family. It's not a million miles away from what Bakshi had done in Heavy Traffic (1973). It begins in 1890's Tzarist Russia, when Zalmie Belinksy (Jeffrey Lippa) moves to New York as a boy to escape the cossacks, he gets a job selling chorus slips and later working in vaudeville. He later has a son, Benny (Richard Singer), who is a successful jazz pianist, but is later killed in action in WW2. He had a son, Tony (Ron Thompson), who becomes a drifter in the 1950's, and spends the next decade moving around America, working for a psychedelic rock band in 1960's San Francisco, he has an illegitamate son, Pete (Ron Thompson), who goes from selling drugs in 1970's New York, to making it big as a rock star in the 1980's. It's linear structure does grate after a while, although it's more in the second half of the film. But, some of the animation is well done, even the rotoscoping works, (a format Bakshi never wanted to use), but this film is a timely reminded of why Bakshi is one of the great unsung heroes of animation.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Weak Hellraiser film did not have any Clive Barker involvement and the original script was actually written not as a Hellriaser film. The story revolved around a police detective, Craig Sheffer, who while investigating a murder finds himself going down the rabbit hole into the world of murder, sadism and eventually The Cenobites. Apparently Pinhead and The Cenobites originally didn't show up until much later in the film, but the studio required reshoots which inserted them into the opening scene of the film, but once you realize the source material for this story didn't involve the Hellraiser universe, it's pretty obvious how they were rather forced into this story. Despite the lack of Barker's involvement, the film does manage to have a creepy atmosphere, which likely can be credited to director Scott Derrickson, who'd later go on to direct some solid horror films like "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," "Sinister," and "Deliver Us from Evil." The cast also includes Nicholas Turturro, James Remar, and Doug Bradley as Pinhead.

David C (us) wrote: How it is possible for so many headline actors to conspire to make such a dull film about one of the most crucial battles of WW2 is hard to believe... But they achieved it...

Nicky N (es) wrote: The Worst Movie I Ever Seen.F

John E (br) wrote: The best Die Hard movie in the last 20 years.

Charlie M (br) wrote: Cops pose as drug dealers and must now solve the case of a dead DEA agent.