The Sting of Death

The Sting of Death

Miho and Toshio, putting their children and household at stake, duel for control in their degrading, middle-aged marriage.

Miho and Toshio, putting their children and household at stake, duel for control in their degrading, middle-aged marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (ru) wrote: Grade - CDespite a fantastic turn from John Travolta and a classic Western feel not commonly seen in today's CGI blockbuster landscape, 'In a Valley of Violence' suffers due to a muddled, poorly written script and a lackluster effort from the majority of the supporting cast

Simon D (us) wrote: An American version of the Full Monty which may or may not be an attempt at comedy; I'm not quite sure, I don't remember it being funny at all but I have a feeling it was supposed to be in places. It was actually a very boring film obviously made by and for actors who needed an opportunity to show off their six packs.

Phil D (br) wrote: Finally got around to watching this because a) I love Disney movies and b) I love sports and baseball movies but it somewhat flatlined. The story kept me interested because I knew it was based on a true story and I had not heard of it until watching the movie, but the story kind of went dead and the climax was nothing special. I mean all of that just to get a contract in MLB and have nothing come of it. Good story, but nothing great.

Alan O (gb) wrote: I loved the movie for those critics that think they know what a good movie is you all need to go back to school.

Matthew N (jp) wrote: Eighty-some minutes of joy.

Corey W (au) wrote: Very bizarre but also very funny.

Phil H (kr) wrote: The film that turned Snipes from a drama/comedy actor into a fully fledged action hero, at the same time securing his place alongside other action icons in the action man hall of fame.Man this is so damn cheesy you'd think it was an old early 90's...oh. This is what you might call a thoroughly standard yet thoroughly enjoyably predictable action romp. Its not suppose to be anything overly realistic or overly serious, its pure and utter popcorn trash that spewed out over and over during the 80's and early 90's. A good comparison today would be the new films 'White House Down' and 'Olympus Has Fallen'.The plot is very bog standard, text book action formula. Master terrorist Charles Rane (Bruce Payne...hey that rhymes!) is being transported in an airliner to LA to stand trial. Along the way his evil henchmen and woman (Elizabeth Hurley folks! yep I forgot about that too) seize control of the plane, free Rane and begin their plan to...actually I'm not sure, escape somewhere I presume. Its now up to Snipes to kickbox his way through all the bad guys and save the day.Is it REALLY a spoiler if I tell you he manages this? didn't think so. Yep from here on the film takes all the usual routes you would expect, admittedly there is a small surprise when the plane lands and the action spills out into a fairground but that kinda dampens the thrills for me.In all honestly 'Executive Decision' did this much much better years later in 1996, but that film didn't have the growling face of thunder that is Bruce Payne. This guy steals the show every time, even in B-movie trash he can make turds shine. Not only is his hair a fantastic mullet of epic 80's proportions but he just has that face, that evil devilish smirk and those sly eyes, plus he kinda looks like Matthew McConaughey. Snipes is also solid but doesn't really add much to his character that we haven't see over and over ever since. But he's buff, likeable and for the time a breath of fresh air, plus he could do martial arts which was different to the regular action heroes.Just from looking at the films poster you know what to expect here straight away. Its classic 'Die Hard' type fluff which is great fun if totally lacking in any real substance. Payne saves the film from drudgery and his character dies in the most predictable and obvious know how, they're all in a plane for gods sake.

Sriram V (ru) wrote: Aah! Zeenat Aman in a bikini, great songs topped by Biddu's Aap Jaisa Koi and slick production. Great watch anytime.

Abhisek D (nl) wrote: Nothing about this movie makes any sense. Even though I am a fan of the video game series, Hitman is not just a terrible adaptation, it manages to be a terrible film in every aspect. Throughout the course of this atrocity, one will find it hard to follow or understand any of the character's intentions, let alone the actual plot. The film is continuously unintentionally hilarious but stands to be cringe-worthy during moments of actual attempts at humor. The acting in this film as if everyone was trying to ensure that they did a terrible job. All the characters are unlikable, the plot is a mess, and the only thing that I can actually say I liked about this movie was that the cinematography was actually decent at times. Just more proof of why video game franchises should not be hastily made into movies.

Tony V (de) wrote: It was ok... Yet I did not like it but my mother liked it.....