The Stonecutter

The Stonecutter

A dead, seven-year-old girl is found in a fisherman's net.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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A dead, seven-year-old girl is found in a fisherman's net. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (kr) wrote: awesome doc about an event I always wanted to go.

Nic M (ru) wrote: Loved the movie and I can't wait to get it on dvd when it does

Amelia B (ru) wrote: This film is an endearing study of a husband's love for his ailing wife. Cromwell is stubborn and lovable all at once -- a fantastic performance by Stretch Cunningham

Manolo P (nl) wrote: I think many people will hate this movie, but it has a lot to tell us. Social, ideologic and new tendencies come all the time and this movie shows a bit of this by putting a rebel group whose different musical proposal hits with the reality of a conservative society. It is funny, has some mistakes along the plot and the proposition of the film, but its good to see to learn about how young people search how to transmit by the mean of music.

Kyung C (gb) wrote: It's repulsive how inhumane and disugsting people are. The movie made me feel disgusting to be a person. It's unreal that these things happened only a few decades ago. Unfortunately, things like this still happen throughout the world. Not on a massive scale such as this, but it does happen. And so the devil came through the gate and slipped back inside after seeing human beings.Humans can be the most vile and satanic beings on the planet while at the same time be kind, generous, and caring.

Josh W (nl) wrote: Nothing like a good drama about family secrets being exposed during a time of celebration, and After the Wedding is no exception thanks to the fantastic performances from Mads Mikkelsen, Rolf Lassgard, and Stine Fischer Christensen. Layers are peeled back, confrontations are had, and lies are exposed as morals are tested. Just be mindful of the jump-cuts scattered throughout, which can be a little off-putting at times, but the editing and cinematography is generally top-notch.

Kristal C (es) wrote: An interesting look at what originally drew young "hippies" to Big Bear commune in the late '60s and how it has since affected their lives and those of their children. Great archival footage.

Mary L (ag) wrote: Ok so I know that I'm going to get flack for giving this movie as high as a rating as I did. And yes, 2.5 for this is high. It's a Catwoman movie that doesn't incorporate anything else in it's universe and is a ...PG? rating. And, not really dark at all. Also, it is the most cookie-cutter mid-2000s formula that there is. So why did I give it 2.5? I love cats, 1. But also, Halle Berry is pretty awesome in the role. For what she's given at least. I'm keeping it in my collection to feel like a teenage (17 when it came out, whatever) girl again. So what?

Russell H (us) wrote: pretty entertaining and a lot of funny parts.

Dane P (jp) wrote: Very strange, very out there. This is like watching a dream with an incredibly loose story. Its not bad not good but at least, entertaining. It gets a little too stupid however 5.5/10

David K (mx) wrote: Its neither romantic or funny. You have to really like Hugh Grant to get through this movie. Really average Romance....

Lee M (au) wrote: What this all boils downs to is that "Clockwise" is simply for those who are fans of John Cleese because it is all about him and the sort of character he plays so well. But if you can only cope with Cleese in small doses it is hard work.

Steve S (es) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Dolores H (it) wrote: Great to see the real footage from their journey.

Greg W (ru) wrote: great comedy classic or classic comedy u descide

Matt K (de) wrote: A long slog, but with some great sequences. The last half hour or so is really thrilling actually, and shows Griffith's talent for cross cutting to create suspense. The rest of the film has extremely distracting editing though. There were so many mis-matches in continuity, like someone would step back in the wide shot, then do the exact same motion again in the close-up. It was really obvious all the time. I found this especially jolting and distracting because Griffith supposedly was a big fan of match-cutting on action. I didn't see any of that here, almost every cut was discontinuous in some way. Also, this film could easily lose 30 minutes and not actually lose any story. The story is actually pretty thrilling and complex and interesting, it's a shame that the over-emphasizing of every little detail gets in the way of the bigger picture.

James B (gb) wrote: blood, guts, violence, and a powerful female role? are you sure Quinton Tarantino didn't write\direct this film? if you are into those kind of films, you should definitely check this one out, you won't be disappointed.

Alexandre R (fr) wrote: Co-crit par le dramaturge allemand Bertolt Brecht, ce drame historique voit le jour en 1943 en plein coeur de la Seconde Guerre. Inspir du meurtre du numro deux d'Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich dit "le Bourreau de Prague", dont la mort suscita de vhmentes reprsailles de la part des Nazis et mena l'assassinat de plus de 1600 civiles, ce film au poids considrable r-crit l'Histoire et fait de ce meurtre l'oeuvre d'un seul homme, membre de la rsistance Tchque. Fritz Lang se lance ici dans une entreprise de haut calibre, une poque o le public n'tait sans doute pas prt se faire mettre au visage toutes les horreurs de la guerre. Visiblement conscient de cet tat des choses, Lang opte pour des scnes de violence plutt suggre qu'explicite; une ombre menaante, une coupure de journal, une dtonation hors-champ. Seul le mouchard de la Gestapo a droit une excution un peu plus graphique et d'une beaut esthtique exemplaire dans le plus pur style de Fritz Lang.Bien qu'il soit class sous la bannire du film noir, Hangmen Also Die se veut davantage un drame historique la sauce espionnage. Certains lments du noir l'amricaine se mlangent la sauce, mais l'ambiance gnrale de l'oeuvre s'loigne des archtypes du genre. La ralisation est remarquable malgr quelques longueurs et une intrigue qui fait du sur-place vers le milieu du film, mais qui retrouve ensuite son rythme de croisire pour conduire une finale qui en vaut heureusement la peine. Le spectateur moyen risque de perdre un peu d'intrt certains moments, mais en rtrospective, il ne regrettera pas son exprience.

Armando B (br) wrote: This was something different, that I have seen in quite some time. This was a good action film realating to bikes. Joseph Gordon Levitt did a great job in here. I liked all the action that this movie showed in here. A great movie with a great story and a great twist at the end. So for this being one good movie that people missed and did not watch, wich I don't understand why??? I give "Premium Rush" a B-.

Vince J (nl) wrote: heard good things yet to see it