The Stooge

The Stooge

Bill Miller is an unsuccessful Broadway performer until his handlers convince him to enhance his act with a stooge - Ted Rogers, a guy positioned in the audience to be the butt of Bill's jokes. But Ted begins to steal the show. Bill's girlfriend and his pals tell him to make Ted an equal partner. Complications occur, while Bill sings and Ted gets the laughs.

Egotistical vaudevillian Bill Miller basks in the limelight with his successful musical-comedy act, but his success is due to his unheralded second banana. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian H (kr) wrote: Matthew Barney is an artificial-scarcity douche who uses the same font for his DVD cover as I use for my business cards. I don't know if he's a genius or not, and I don't know if Cremaster 3 is actually "a sculpture" as he claims or merely a "film" (well - video, I guess, I think it was shot digitally), but I'll say this: I saw Cremaster 3 once - ONCE - five years ago, and I've been thinking about it ever since. Not more than a month has gone by since then where I have not reflected and recontextualized events in my own life through its imagery and densely braided themes. It's probably easiest to relate to if you're an overprivileged white male with mystical leanings and artistic aspirations, but I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone here. (Not necessarily something enjoyable or entertaining, but certainly something worth reflecting on.)

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