The Story of Qiu Ju

The Story of Qiu Ju

The Story of Qiu Ju is a 1992 Chinese comedy-drama film. The film was directed by Zhang Yimou and, as in many of his films, stars Gong Li in the title role. The screenplay is an adaption of Chen Yuanbin's novella The Wan Family's Lawsuit. The film tells the story of a peasant woman, Qiu Ju, who lives in a rural area of China. When her husband is kicked in the groin by the village head, Qiu Ju, despite her pregnancy, travels to a nearby town, and later a big city to deal with its bureaucrats and find justice.

A pregnant peasant woman seeks redress from the Chinese bureaucracy after the village chief kicks her husband in the groin in this comedy of justice. As she is frustrated by each level of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (br) wrote: Well acted and very satisfying for the fans of this show, with many twists and turns and interesting plot.

laura b (us) wrote: This film is bigged up way to much. The cast was great but the film was boring. Really couldn't get into it. The storyline didn't flow and was so confusing.

Tommy M (mx) wrote: 8/10.. One of my fav Irish

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