The Story of the Fox

The Story of the Fox

In the kingdom of animals, Master Fox is used to trick and fool everyone. So the King, the Lion, receives more and more complaints about him. He orders that Master Fox is arrested and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pii Debby L (au) wrote: The encounter of two strangers sparked excitements into their life. I like the movie because it unsarcastically protraited that love at first sight is possible. Though, I couldn't figure out why Ralf Little needed to show so much nudity in there.

Kamil A (fr) wrote: People aren't very interesting, actually.

TheScarlatescu R (it) wrote: nice documentary, but too sad...

Luv L (it) wrote: I have to say it, I enjoyed watching this film. I am not a fan of horror movies, but I didn't mind at all to watch DarkHunters. By the cover I thought that after 5 minutes I was going to turn it off, but I have to say it, it was ok. *Sponsored Post

Mark S (nl) wrote: A pleasant rom-com surprise.

Kjetil H (nl) wrote: Kongo p 1800 tallet,ekspedisjon oppover elva for finne galemann Kurtz.Fantastisk bok,ganske s bra film,deilig hallisunatorisk stemning hele veien!Dont go in the jungel.Kanibalisme,imperialisme og eksistensialisme,fett for faen!!!

Erin D (gb) wrote: i don't know if this was trying to be a comedy, but it was very slow. I really wanted it to end by the time he got to the laundrette, but luckily that's where the movie picked up. luckily Pegg is very watchable. I understand that this was all psychological, but him being afraid of nothing got old quickly. happy that it picked up for the last act and the addition of Sangeet was nice.

Maymay A (nl) wrote: An interesting premise with a promising end result, Collateral must not be missed. Great performances from Jamie Foxx and most especially Tom Cruise.

Scott A (fr) wrote: Okay movie about a dance TV show holding a spot for a new dancer, but sadly it's totally obvious that ALL the dancing is done not by the actors, but by real life dancers. Whenever there's a main dance number, the camera cuts out to a LONG shot. So you never get to into it knowing its all smoke and mirrors.Plus it's totally cliched. The parents that just don't understand, the blackmailing of one of the opposing dancers, the nerd that loves the lead but she wants the pretty boy. The tie that leads to the final dance off. It's all there.And if you can't see the ending before you even push play, well...I will say the acting parts are pretty good. Seeing really young Parker and Hunt is a trip. They are really adorable here.Silverman is also really funny here.I also felt like they set up this huge clash between the girls and the rich snobby girl, but after one proclaims that 'This means war,' they literally never get back to that rivalry.Pretty good soundtrack, despite all the songs being sang by other bands. Yeah, the title song is here, but not the Cyndi Lauper version.In the end it was harmless fun, but left much to be desired from this film buff.