The Story Of Us

The Story Of Us

Ben and Katie Jordan are a married couple who go through hard times in fifteen years of marriage.

"The Story of Us" is a sad movie about the misery of a married couple who fight most of the time. Watching it is like taking a long trip in a small car with the Bickersons. I leave it to you to guess whether the movie has a happy ending, but what if it does? A movie like this is about what we endure while we're watching it, not about where it finally arrives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oh P (mx) wrote: I caught this movie at outfest this summer. a few hokey moments, but mostly I really liked it. The actors were great - the young leading lady was particularly good - and Nichelle Nichols was terrific in a role unlike any i've seen her in before. also nice to see a coming-out story that was about an African American, which I can't remember having seen at the gay fests any time recently. Well written and,with the exception of a few scenery chewing moments, a good watch.

Francisco L (it) wrote: Boring, disappointing, but can entertain fans with the great cast performances.

Tina M (ag) wrote: great indie flick. touching story line.

Matt B (ca) wrote: Turistas is posing as a horror movie just so it can have an excuse to show a bunch of attractive people with their shirts off. This is brutal, unwatchable trash with unspeakable violence. Plus the acting is terrible.

Marcin M (au) wrote: A comedy as black as it gets - tastlessness with great taste

Ian C (ca) wrote: This didn't look like a Coen Brothers flick. It had some of the screwball stuff that you usually get but it felt like you were just watching an Imitation.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Interesting action flick with a terrific car chase scene, but I didn't like the way so many innocent bystanders were off-handedly killed by both sides. I also didn't like the very end.

Marco M (ru) wrote: Hella gangsta movie it hella cool

Warren M (it) wrote: Maybe the funniest Marx Brothers comedy

Indu R (fr) wrote: This movie is funny and Sandler was good. It would suck to do school all over again, but you get a party after completing a grade.

bill s (ag) wrote: Great movie that's very under valued.Levitt's best work as he methodically puts the pieces together..

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: A bit to sci-fi for my liking but good otherwise.

EpicGuy1738 (nl) wrote: Honestly my favorite Pixar movie of all time

F B (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this simple and easy to follow film which had plenty of action and provided me with a little escape from the mess my head is in.